Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nerf Vortex: new promo @

More intel from our man Jason B, check out the new listings on for the upcoming Nerf Vortex blasters; there's a mad lil' video if you scroll down that really puts the "Vortex vs N-Strike" question in your face:) As always, everyone in the vid's.. older and chiselled:) Not like the Nerf wars I've seen.. they must do something different in the US;P NERF Vortex Praxis: Outdoor Play


  1. things are WAY different in the US. we make jokes about eating bugs and dogs, yet for others it's a daily practice. get used to it. XD

    and more relevantly, that commercial is way better than the warehouse-based n-strike ones. which are probably are going to remain in use, with all fair honesty.

  2. i agree at least nerf is embracing the fact that their guns are used in wars in fields by (somewhat) ordinary kids, not spec-op ninja kids in warehouses

  3. Lol I give them props for that commercial. It shows the gear up blasters, the flagship N-strike (Stampede) and Super Soaker (Hydro Cannon) blasters, and a few N-force weapons too. A mob of nerfers. Epic.
    And yeah, I was getting annoyed with all of the ninja-in-the-warehouse-with-foam-weapons thing. Ever seen the commercial with the Warlock?
    'Nuff said.

  4. Oh and anyone notice the guy on the bike with a bandolier?

  5. im posting this here cause its the only vortex stuff on the main page, but over here in Perth Western Aus one of the toyworld claremont has the full range in minus the extra ammo and clips, and they claim wont have anymore stock in til end of september, but they got close to 40 of each gun.