Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nerf Dart Tag Snapfire 8: Click Click Ow

New blasters for all of Nerf's lines were announced early this year- A new 'Hailfire' to helm the N-Strike Elite, the all mighty Pyragon was the new Vortex blaster, and the Dart Tag line received the Snapfire 8 to its ranks. 

The Snapfire 8 has generated quite a bit of interest since it's announcement being a rather compact non-motorised-yet-semi-autofire blaster and to date has only really been seen in Singapore (do correct me if I'm wrong) Thanks to Ben 'Psyk' Koh of Nerf SG, we got our hands on one (ok two- I always order multiples) to put it to the test and see if it's all that it's cracked out to be...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nerf Vortex Pyragon: UT treatment

We've been bombed with a huge amount of emails asking us why we haven't done one of our mad photo shoot treatment of the awesome Nerf Vortex Pyragon. Well.. we have now:) Photos after the jump, and while we believe the photos are safe for work, there seems to be some readers out there who'd prefer to not see our model talent (who btw aren't actually models and just friends of mine who love toy blasters too) , sooo.. you don't have to look!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nerf Vortex Ammo Belt Kit: Batman style utility

As many of you will know, the new Vortex Pyragon recently got me all excited again for the Vortex line, so this new Vortex Ammo Belt Kit was a natural purchase for us. Sort of the counterpart to the Bandolier Kit for N-Strike, this set features two Vortex ammo clip holders and a pouch to keep your XLR discs, all in a nice neat Batman style belt. It's pretty cool, but it isn't exactly ready to go out of the box. Our thoughts after the jump.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nerf Shoot-to-snooze alarm clock

Shooting your alarm clock isn't a new idea; there have been novelty alarm clocks around for a while that can do this.. but not one from Nerf:D A cube shaped alarm clock that comes with sensors in a cross hair design on the side and top of the device; looks like if you want to sleep in, just see how well your aim is when you're half asleep and make sure you don't shoot your significant other, child or cat in the process:D

Blasters or darts aren't included, but it's a novel idea. Due out in September apparently for around 24 bucks :)

Nerf Shoot to Snooze Alarm Clock - via  Gadget Grotto

Friday, August 10, 2012

BlasterPro: Toy blasters get a lil' more serious

 Those crazy kids at the Maya Group who were responsible for the Xploderz line of wet ball shooters have upped the ante and come up with an all new line called 'Blaster Pro'. Using a similar ammo system,what differs now is although still spring loaded, rather than the "pull-back-and-release" mechanism, we've got some pretty serious looking kit with.. triggers.

These blasters are aimed at ages 14+ so Blaster Pro is straight away targeting the older market- you can see this with their choice of realistic colour schemes and general design. Two models are being released on launch- a pump action S2500 and a battery powered Automatic E5000, both boasting 75+ feet ranges and some very decent specs for accuracy. Ammo, like with the Xploderz is firm enough to fire out of the blaster but soft enough to just disintegrate on impact and not cause any damage (although eye protection is a must)

Check out some of the vids after the jump- the Blaster Pro line will apparently be available at Toys R Us' and Walmarts around the US as well as on I'll be keen to see if they make it to Australia, but I'm admittedly a lot more interested in these than the original Xploderz range.

BlasterPro official website

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Toys R Us: Sonic Series Nerf Vortex Proton

The Nerf Vortex Proton also gets the Sonic Series treatment. Wonder if they all will.. Sonic Series Nitron could be pretty crazy:)

Thanks Collin for the tip!

NERF Vortex Sonic Proton Blaster via Toys R Us

Monday, August 6, 2012

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hailfire: Underwhelming

All hail the Hailfire; the all new 9-9 blaster from Nerf that has been in the rumour mill for a while now, being the flagship model for their new N-Strike Elite range. It is an all new original design that boasts the ability to hold the highest capacity of rounds of any Nerf blaster to date, semi auto fire (via 4AA battery run flywheel mechanism) and of course touts the new Elite performances of up to 75 feet! 

And yeah baby, we got one, and we were excited- remember the first time you first fired rounds from the Vulcan or the Stampede and you burst out laughing at the sheer power and fun you got from it?

The all new N-Strike Elite Hailfire.. err not so much. Full review after the jump.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Nerf LED Flashlight: Sans tactical rail??

This looks pretty damn cool at first glance- a LED torch that attaches to your Nerf blaster via tactical rails? Genius!

Only, it does appear to be misleading- reports of the real product is actually missing the tactical rail. Which means really.. just a Nerf branded torch. I guess you could always glue a tactical rail clip on it.. but then.. you could do that to any torch.

Nerf LED Flashlight via Kmart (US)

Friday, August 3, 2012

SG Nerf: Hasbro Singapore Nerf comp- reveals cool Elite kit

Spotted on SGNerf- Hasbro Singapore is having an official video competition for fans to submit their own Nerf vids. Competition is alas only for residents of Singapore, so we'd be all outa luck there, but what's interesting is on the official advert, have a lok at the rather excitable fellas packing their N-Strike Elite kit and tell me that doesn't make you go a little "ooh ooh" :D Man, I wish they brought out the Rampage with the shield...

Thanks Quang for the heads up.

SG Nerf: Hasbro Singapore Nerf Wars Official Video Competition!:

Lasagna678 Nerf Mods: First Look: N-Strike Elite Hailfire

What's inside the upcoming N-Strike Elite Hailfire? Lasagna678 has got himself one, and naturally cracked it open for a look see:D More on his blog:)

Lasagna678 Nerf Mods: First Look: N-Strike Elite Hailfire

Rumors: Nerf N-Strike Elite 'Strong Arm' (UPDATED)

N-Strike Elite Strongarm. Pic from eBay
Whoah, where did this come from?! Someone once said it would be cool for the classic Maverick REV-6 to get the N-Strike Elite treatment, and this would appear to be the next best thing:) Looks like a revolver, fires 6 darts and the tactical rail looks like it's been moved forward on the gun rather than on the rear like the Mav. Barrel looks smoother too.

This is the first I've heard of it, but the photo looks legit. N-Strike Elite Strong Arm. Here it is folks!

Back of the box states it has Slam Fire- whoah!

Image courtesy of SpectreX of HVZ Forums Thread
Interestingly, Nerf have used the name "Strong Arm" before in their vintage 'CyberStryke' days:

Nerf Cyberstrike StrongArm Image courtesy of
Probably more of a coincidence, as I don't see the resemblance at all:P

29-7-12: UPDATE: The seller of this made this claim:

"I am a 67 year old lady who goes to yard sales and had no idea what this was. This is crazy. I like to buy items to put on e-bay and craigslist, find Christmas presents and new toys to donate to children at Christmas."

My guess is since we posted this she must be getting some serious email traffic from keen lil' Nerfers asking her about the blaster and how she got it. I'd also suggest she's a tad nervous about legal implications (re Hasbro goons) and doing her utmost to throw everyone off the scent. It's probably not the most believable story 'she' could have come up with, but hey, I don't blame her for trying- given her location is very close to Hasbro's head office in Rhode Island..

3-8-12: UPDATE: Well the blaster went from $142.40 with four hours to spare to a final sale price of a WHOPPING $1125.01  That's some serious cash. Of course, there's always the issue of whether the seller will actually get that money and whether it was a genuine buyer. No, it wasn't us:D

Thanks Tim for the original lead.

Hasbro nerf n-strike elite soft dart gun NEW | eBay

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nerf Vortex Pyragon: BOOM.

Of all the kit that has been on offer this year from Nerf, the one that I've really been keen on is the upcoming new Vortex Pyragon. It was allegedly an updated Praxis, which was my favourite of the original Vortex line but boasting an all new 40 round drum, slam fire and of course the thing that got me hyped from the start; finally an AWESOME stock out of the box colour scheme that would be the envy of Stormtroopers everywhere. 

Well, I finally got one (ok I got two) via very ordinary transparent means of and I was pretty damn happy with it. You know how I'm always going on about my much loved Alpha Trooper as my all time favourite Nerf blaster? Well truth be told.. the Pyragon MIGHT just topple it. Review and pics after the jump. (warning, pic intensive)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Spiderman Laser Tag?

I spotted these at my local Toys R Us for 99 bucks, and while I don't quite get what's the relationship between Spiderman and.. laser tag guns, hey whatever works:) 

From "IMC Toys" is this "Mega Laser Set" which comes with two blasters and two vests that are molded to look like Spiderman's chest. They are a tad small but it might be the easiest way to get your 8yo abs:D I don't think it's worth me picking them up to test them out giving there's no way in hell the vest is going to fit my..thigh, but the idea's interesting:)

A genuine action game for 2 players with two laser guns and two adjustable chest-armour plates. Show your skill and try to beat your opponent! Get ready! Aim and…fire! Try to shoot your rival with your spiderman laser gun.The gun shoots an invisible infra-red ray, and registers up to 6 impacts with sound and light effects. Long range infrared.

Amazing Spiderman Mega Laser Set via Toys R Us

Toys R Us: Sonic Series Vortex Vigilon

 The US Toys R Us website has an all new Sonic Series Vigilon available for $17.99. I really don't know how I feel about Vortex having Sonic Series reshells, but hey, it's something new-ish, right?:)

Sonic Series Vortex Vigilon via Hailfire Mission Kit

Found on the UK Argos website, is the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hailfire Mission Kit for 12.99 (UK Pounds):

Includes 6 dart clips and 24 darts.

Join the N-Strike Elite and get the edge in battle with the Hail-Fire Upgrade Kit! Already the ultimate in N-Strike performance, the Hail-Fire Blaster (sold separately) has the highest capacity of any Nerf blaster and it can unleash a storm of darts at the nearest target. 

For ages 8 years and over

N-Strike Elite Hailfire Mission Kit via Argos.