Friday, December 31, 2010

Rumours: Official Dart Tag Jersey: Puts hair on your chest. Sort of.

The Official Dart Tag Jersey. Velcro pads on the chest.
All signs point to Nerf doing away with the Dart Tag vests (check the first page of the official Dart Tag 16 manual)  and are now bringing out what looks like shirts with velcro pads (the soft part, not the hook part) sewn into the front on the chest and stomach region (and I'd guess on the back as well). Designwise they do seem to have their design cues from motorcross jerseys..

I actually quite like them but I seriously doubt the'll be bringing them out in 'Mens' XL' :) I'm doing a deal as we speak, so I should get my hands on one soon. Just don't expect me to model it:P

(it's been brought to our attention that these are the same jerseys the NDTL competitors wear- maybe it's just they'll be available to buy now? Or maybe my sources played a match and did a runner with them:)... time will tell)

Dart Tag Quick 6: Loading a dart

Loading a whistler dart into the Quick 6. So fly. :P

A slightly more in depth look at how a user loads a dart into the ammo slot in a 'Quick 6'. (Every time I say 'Quick 6' I end up with the 'Fly like a G6' song in my head!) The mechanism actually reminds me of a magic trick.. read on and I'll explain:)

Review: Nerf Dart Tag 'Quick 6': you betcha:)

The "Quick 6" Dart Tag blaster. It's a beast.

 The upcoming Dart Tag pistol, which was originally dubbed the "Quick 6" (UPDATE: We will keep this post as the 'Quick 6' for historical purposes, but it is confirmed the name is the SPEEDLOAD 6) is a 6 round capacity sidearm that utilises the same internal 'clip' system as it's big brother, the Quick 16. As a sidearm, it's the largest capacity pistol ever under the Dart Tag banner (try single shots like the Stormfire and Strikefire for instance) and while you're going to be hard pressed to find a pocket that could fit this blaster, you probably wouldn't wanna conceal this puppy because it looks FANTASTIC. 

Got your attention now? Read on.. (warning- picture intensive post- apologies for those with slower connections. We'll post the images on our Facebook page as well)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Review: Nerf Dart Tag Quick 16- we got one:)

There she is folks. Nerf Dart Tag Quick 16. She's you beaut and a bag of chips.
Lo and behold, we've managed to score ourselves a working unit of the new Quick 16, just in time for the New Year:) Told you we'd hit 2011 with a bang:)

The Quick 16 is one of the new upcoming Dart Tag blasters scheduled to be released sometime in 2011. Our test unit came complete with darts and manual which suggests this blaster is not far off from making it into stores. It's a 16 round capacity blaster that takes its cues from the Nerf N-Strike Raider CS-35  both in form and functionality, but with an in built ammo storage 'clip'.

So how good is it really? From our tests.. it's AWESOME. (warning- picture intensive post- apologies for those with slower connections. We'll post the images on our Facebook page as well)

Rumours: Streamline Darts a no go for the Quick 16

Very scientific of us:)
Just in: our intel confirms the Quick 16, the latest of the new Dart Tag blasters is not compatible with Clip System streamline darts. Apparently if your lucky, the dart will dribble out of your Quick 16.. and if not, it'll just get stuck in the chamber.

I have no doubt all you modders out there can work something out in future; you're a smart lot:)

Rumours: Quick 16 Intel: The official.. manual! :)

Pages 1 + 2 of the Quick 16 manual. All you need to know. Sort of.
Well, you asked for it and we at Urban Taggers deliver! Ok.. so we got more intel on the new 'Quick 16' Dart Tag blaster in the shape of the official.. blaster manual:) Eric has managed to send thru scans which shows how the Quick 16 works. More importantly, the manual confirms 1) It's definitely called the "Quick 16" ENGLISH. 2) The darts load into the top slot as we've all speculated, and 3) Dart Tag shirts! More pages after the jump:)

Random: Suck UK Water Wars: Macabre..but awesome!

I got this for Christmas this year from my sister and brother in law. It's AWESOME. You know that issue you have when you're having a water fight and you can't tell whether you've been hit or not? (well ok, other than the whole "I'm soaking wet" thing) Well Suck UK has the answer; colour changing vests that change to a lovely.. red when it gets wet!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Random: Nerf products that..aren't blasters..Pic Spam

In the old days, Nerf was all about.. balls. Then they got into sporting gear (there used to be a Nerf Ice Hockey Stick. GOD I wanted that thing) and foam gliders and only THEN did they start getting into blasters.. and even then, they were still back to balls. 

Oh how things have changed. And I'm not talking about blasters.. they've branched out into video game accessories, audio equipment and kids..thongs...

Rumours: New Dart Tag darts.. swanky!

New Dart Tag darts. blue and white tips: priddy:)
We're getting more intel on the new Dart Tag gear coming out soon. First of all, we've got good word that Nerf will be bringing out new Dart Tag JERSEYS; yup instead of the naff vests of old, be on the look out for high tech looking tee-shirts... that I guess will be..furry:P

Finally.. check out the new darts. velcro tipped like any ordinary dart tag dart.. but pretty new blue and white? Niiice...

2010: The year that was

Here's a story.. 
2010.. what a year for toy blasters! What a year for Urban Taggers! With the year almost over, it's a good time to reflect on the some key milestones in 2010 for us...which is kind of funny, given we've actually only been around since July:) Just like a cheesy TV sitcom christmas special, we thought we'd put together a montage of our key moments in the year that was...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

News: NZ 6yo becomes partially blind from Nerf dart

Eyewear looks dorky. Probably beats a patch eye though
Ahh, more alarmist news regarding the evils of Nerf..  Apparently a 6yo boy in New Zealand copped a Nerf dart in the eye after being shot with his own Christmas present and now has permanent vision loss. I reckon there'd be more accidents with people stepping on Nerf blasters than this sorta thing actually happening. Still...

Boy Partly blinded by Christmas Toy via New Zealand Herald

Rumours: Stampede ECS... 50?

50 round drum? Gives your Stampede real balls! :)
Throughout the night it seems someone out there sent this link to several of us Nerf bloggers; it looks like a 50 round drum to accompany the Stampede. 50 rounds?! It does sorta hang there like a...hmm. :P

I'd be more excited if I could see a better image or had more reliable intel on it. Albeit it IS hosted on the hasbro website, so that suggests it's the real deal; however from looking at the box art it looks like they've brought in the guy who empties their bins to take a crack at the Photoshopping cos it's kinda poorly done. The layout is amateurish and the perspective of the way the drum sits in the Stampede looks wrong; it also doesn't match the image of the drum in the right hand side.

What's your opinion folks? The real deal? Or dodgy brothers?:)

The link sent by "Anonymous"

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from Urban Taggers!

Santa checks in.. but with all that Nerf on him.. he doesn't check out:) Courtesy of Jason Au
Merry Christmas taggers! On behalf of all of us to all of you, have a fantastic Christmas. May you enjoy lots of blaster goodness be it foam, lazer or water, but more importantly enjoy the festive season with your loved ones and keep each other safe.

Thanks for being a part of our apartment warfare; we're just shy of 6 months old but we're already making big waves in the toy blaster world, so look out 2011, we're coming after you!

Enjoy the day, and remember- shoot first- it's only foam!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sonic Series Nitefinder EX-3 Pic Spam

Sonic Series NiteFinder EX-3.
Pocket got one of these a few weeks ago but he hadn't gotten around to posting the pics. So while he's off atm, we figured we'd put them up.. so here they are:)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Insight into Dart Tag 2011 courtesy of Nerf Q+A

Nerf's Q+A is up for another week, and while it's normally just marketing spin that states the obvious, there are a few points that in it that I think give us some insight into what to expect for these new Dart Tag blasters.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Rant: Who's copying who?

Sooo..Hasbro successfully sued Buzz Bee Toys after it was found they infringed its US patent related to their Super Soaker blasters:

Nov 30 (Reuters) - Hasbro Inc (HAS.N) won a victory over rival Buzz Bee Toys when a federal court banned the privately held rival from making or selling anything that uses Hasbro's patent for certain toy water guns.

Test: Saturator STR-80 (AK-47 Clear)

The Brits n Pieces Saturator STR-80 in action. It shoots in quick bursts unlike the steadier stream of the Super Soaker Thunderstorm.

Test: Super Soaker Thunderstorm

The new Super Soaker Thunderstorm- off my apartment's balcony:) Ranges are around 4-5 metres; pretty standard for this sort of blaster.

Random: Retro Entertech commercial.. Ahh memories


I often talk of/compare the new Saturator water blasters to the old "Entertech" models from the 80's; for those of you who are lucky enough to not have lived through the 80's, here's a retro ad found on YouTube. Entertech were pioneers in the motorised water blaster world, with their realistic looking designs that resulted in them copping some serious flack, releasing new blasters in fluoro colours..and then going bust.

Still.. these ads were what got me into blasters in the first place:)

Rumours: 'Quick 16' is apparently the official name for the Dart Tag '16'

Our man in the know, 'Eric' has confirmed that the official name for the new 16 round Dart Tag blaster will indeed be the "Quick 16". 

Wow. And I thought "Swarmfire" was bad. You'd have to think that at Nerf headquarters the guy who designs the blasters must be feeling a  lil' let down by the guy who designs the names.  Again, I'd be happy to be wrong on this one, but to date my intel has been pretty solid.

Either way, YES it's definitely the blaster that was first rumoured on the brochure/manual we featured last week. 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rumours: Hot new 2011 Dart Tag blasters (SCOOP!)

First images of the new Dart Tag blasters. Seems Taiwanese love hard floors:)
Hot on the heels of the new Nerf Swarmfire are some first hand images of two more blasters in the new Dart Tag line from our contacts in Taiwan (who as suggested, will now be called 'Eric' :P  ). Now Dart tag blasters traditionally are sans clip, mainly because they use the velcro tipped darts that wouldn't fit and the games do not require huge amounts of ammo/reloading due to the limited duration of the matches. While the new blasters continue to adhere to the 'no clips' rule, it looks like the new Dart Tag line are definitely boasting a higher internal ammo capacity; our original Swarmfire maxed out at 20 automatic rounds and now we're happy to present to you a new 16 round assault blaster and a 6 round side arm.

The larger "Dart Tag 16" (still don't know the official name just yet);  holds sixteen dart tag velcro darts and is very similar to the Raider, both aesthetically and functionally as it too boasts slam fire ability. You can see it looks like it will support a stock, but the butt looks different to the Raider's. All that talk about banana clips? Guess it can be done..

The smaller "Dart Tag 6" still holds a decent 6 darts, and looks like it has a similar priming method as to either the Spectre (if it's spring loaded) or the Recon (if it's not),

Neither appear to be battery powered to the relief of more traditional Nerfers, however it appears tactical rails are well and truly out for the new Dart Tag blasters. Both sport the new "Bumblebee" inspired colour schemes which look pretty schmick in my opinion.

We'll let you know more as we know about it..but I admit we're pretty damn excited:)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Super Soaker Point Break test video

The new Super Soaker Point Break in action:)

Review: Super Soaker Point Break

The new Super Soaker 2011 line was at rumour stage only a few weeks ago, so we were very pleased to find some of the new blasters available here in Australia already; it makes sense given Christmas is celebrated in the Summer down under, and what better way to celebrate than to give your nearest and dearest an absolute drenching:) The new Super Soaker Point Break is a return to the air pressure mechanism while featuring all new designs (as opposed to repaints which has occurred over the past few years)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dart Tag Swarm Fire: Streamline Dart fail!

Swarmfire armed with Streamlines,Whistlers + Dart Tag ammo. Not all of them are gonna fire though,
Neil, from the Canberra and Southern NSW Dart Tag crew popped in this afternoon for a test fire of our much hyped Nerf Dart Tag Swarm Fire blaster. It's a great fully automatic piece with a 20 round capacity, but the interesting thing we discovered today is it DOESN'T shoot Clip System Streamline darts. Nada. Zip.

The darts don't seem to slide in all the way; they  seem to jut out more than the whistlers or sucker darts. When we tried them, all that happened was a whole lot of noise as the barrel rotated and nothing came out.

It's not a big deal for me, but just something to consider when this bad boy is eventually released.

Monday, December 13, 2010

New Super Soakers on shelves: Target AUS

As real as it gets:)
I'm SO impressed. Just a month after we gave you the sneak peak at the rumoured Super Soaker Thunderstorm, and images of the Point Break and they're on the shelves here in Australia already! It came from a hot tip from our man Neil from the Canberra and Southern NSW Dart Tag crew which had us race down to our local Target, Canberra City where we were greeted with several shelves of new Super Soaker goodness!

What's even more awesome is the price- Thunderstorms for only 27.95AUS, Point Breaks for under 12 bucks and the water clips for under 6? That's crazy! I'm definitely looking forward to the other blasters- at the end of the day water blasters was always where my heart really lay so it's good to see Hasbro really doing something decent with their Super Soaker line.

Reviews to come! (And yes, confirmed the Point Break IS an air pressure trigger blaster!)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Less than 2 hrs to go!! Urban Taggers Giveaway

A Deploy, A Barricade, a Pinpoint Sight, Tactical Vest and Keyring? You know you want it..
Fellow Aussie Taggers! You've got just under an hour and a half left to get your entries in for our Urban Taggers Christmas giveaway! Check out the rules here and post those photos before midnight! Come on, it's THAT easy..

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rumours: Super Soaker Tornado Strike- more pics

I'm in two minds on this one: aesthetically I LOVE it, it looks soooo tough and uses the new refillable water clips. However, being a glorified Super Soaker Helix, it IS a piston/syringe style blaster with no trigger, and does a stupid spinning barrel thing. Comes with a Raider/Shotblast style stock.

Rumours: Super Soaker Point Break- more pics

Super Soaker Point Break. Super Soakers are lookin' pretty sweet y'all!
The Super Soaker Point Break is an upcoming pistol/side arm style blaster that appears to adopt a genuine trigger/pressurised water tank mechanism.. which we at Urban Taggers really like:) It looks like the pump is under the muzzle of the blaster, water is stored in an internal tank at the rear of the Point Break, and the orange 'barrel' is.. cosmetic:) Features the all important tactical rail too. Looks schmick.

Rumours: More on the Super Soaker Hydro Cannon

Hydro Cannon. Boom baby!
A few more images and some info on what the upcoming new Super Soaker Hydro Cannon will look like. I know i've said it before but I'm really impressed with the designers on the new Super Soaker range; it just looks AWESOME.

Interestingly enough the Hydro Cannon doesn't seem to take the new water clips and it looks like it will store the water in the rear of the blaster. I'll also take a punt and suggest the hand grip at the front of the blaster will serve as the pump (like the way the N-Strike Raider cocks) to pressurise the air. Looks like there are three tactical rails on top of the blaster too. Comes with what looks like a detachable transparent shield with cross hairs printed on it:)

Friday, December 10, 2010

More info on the 2011 Dart Tag series

Swarmfire in full graphic designed font! Official:)
Swarmfire and a new looking blaster. Sorta raider-ish.. but not..
Our man in Taiwan (I'm gonna have to give him a name soon!) has sent through some pretty interesting information on the upcoming Dart Tag series. First up, for the doubters, you can clearly see "SWARMFIRE" in the corner, so that's about as official as we can get for now.

Secondly, check out the blaster wielded by our dude in the barrel.. Looks like that's a new blaster right there waiting to happen...

"Dart Tag line is going to be very different than the N-strike line. When N-stirke went for military and modular and standard clip fed, dart tag thrives on making the most different blasters. Therefore the new dart tag blasters look like clip-fed, but the clip is built-in, so no fast reload, but firing mechanism actually works like clip system."

More to come as we find out more!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Christmas! The Urban Taggers Xmas giveaway!

The haul: santa hat and faux green stuff not included:)
It's the festive season folks! That means a wish for peace on earth and good will to all, quality time with our nearest and dearest and of course, presents! We've had a mad few months setting up Urban Taggers, and to show our appreciation to our readers, we're gonna kick Santa off the top dog spot for a few weeks and give away some mad blaster goodness! SO how can you score yourself some awesome gear?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Street Wars: It's Assassin- but not as you know it..

Old hat I know, but one of my favourite uses of blasters is "Street Wars". One massive game of Assassin on a large city scale where strangers hunt each other down. Might get me out of the apartment if we had these games here..

StreetWars official website

Blaster tribute: What's your favourite movie blaster?

Police Blaster from The Fifth Element
B-grade sci fi flicks may use repainted Nerf blasters as their props of choice, but bigger budget flicks tend to bring in their own specialised prop designers for their weapons. That being said, how cool would it be if some of these bad boys got the Nerf treatment?:) You can call me a "fanboy" all you want, but fellow blaster lovers, you can't deny it's the cool movie prop blasters that get our imaginative juices going:) 

Soo.. here's our gallery of some of the coolest looking blasters in movie history; which one's your favourite blaster? (and do let me know if I've missed any)

Random: Foreign Nerf clip

Ok, so I don't understand the language, but the video itself is pretty entertaining:) Dual wielding Recons though..that being said, there are probably more fantastic elements that defy realism in this vid than that so I'll let it slide:)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rumours: 2011 Super Soakers- packaging

Found a few more images of the new upcoming Super Soaker range- here we've got the packaging for the new piston style blasters that should be released early next year; the Scatter Blast with the 5 stream barrel and the Tornado Strike, which is an updated (and much cooler looking) version of the old Helix water blasters. Looks like the Scatter Blast will be around $10.95 US and the Tornado Strike will be $21.95 US.

Rumours: Super Soaker Clip refills confirmed

Water Clip Refills. Apologies for the crap quality images
Well as hoped, there will be replacement clips available for the new Super Soaker range next year. Apparently they have a 10oz capacity (about a 3rd of a litre)

Rumours: Super Soaker Scatter Blast + Point Break

Scatterblast "shot gun" and the Point Break "side arm"
More new releases for 2011- we've confirmed the new Super Soaker line up will also include the Super Soaker Scatter Blast and the Super Soaker Point Break. Sorry for the low quality pics, but I'm sure when they become more official (or I get my hands on them!) we'll offer you better images. Once again they're in the new white/blue/orange colour schemes.

From what we know, the Scatterblast is a pump action "shotgun" piston style blaster that is unique from other piston style blasters in that it has five nozzles, hence releasing five streams at once. It also sports the N-Strike compatible tactical rails.

The Point Break is a handheld pressurised water blaster, with the air pump under the muzzle. It too looks like it features tactical rails.

Neither of these new blasters feature the 'clips' as per the Tornado Strike and the Thunderstorm though.

Rumours: Super Soaker Hydro Cannon

OMG. I want.
Check this out; it looks like there's been some serious R+D on Super Soakers this season; this one looks AWESOME.  It's the Super Soaker Hydro Cannon: from what we know, It will be similar to the Super Soaker glory days with a pump/pressurised water mechanism- pull the trigger to shoot what hopefully looks like a high powered water stream. Super Soakers for the new season look to all be sporting the white/blue/orange colour schemes which I quite like.

It looks like it'll use the N-Strike compatible tactical rail accessories and seems to come with a detachable shield / sight accessory. Apparently it will also boast recoil action (maybe like the awesome CPS 2000) and should fire up to 35 feet! It's scheduled for a January 2011 release (US I assume) and will be around $26.95 US. Can't wait:)

Barricade RV-10 to clip system compatibility mod. SWEEEEET.

Sooo.. mod props where they're due, this video from SG Nerf + pSyk is awesome; converting a Barricade RV-10 into a full clip compatible blaster. Check it. It rocks.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Random: Retro Super Soaker ad... errrr...

Ahh. Those R + D guys at Super Soaker headquarters really didn't think about the Super Soaker "Oozinator" through before releasing it on unsuspecting kids.. nor did the marketing department consider how their "awesome" commercial might come across:P

Rumours: 'Swarmfire' is apparently the official name for the Dart Tag '20'

The Dart Tag "Swarmfire"
More intel on the unreleased 'Dart Tag 20'- yes it is a Nerf Dart Tag blaster, but my sources have confirmed the official name of this blaster will be the "Swarm Fire". Not sure how I feel about this, but it does keep with the "x-fire" naming convention as with the other Dart Tag blasters. So far, every rumour I've heard on the Nerf grapevine is true, but this is one I'd probably be happy to be wrong about:)

There's also another one due to follow this one.. the moment I find out more, I'll let you know.

Rumours: And ANOTHER Super Soaker: Tornado Strike

Super Soaker Tornado Strike
So hot on the heels of the unreleased "Thunderstorm"; here you go folks, a first look at a new unreleased Super Soaker called the "Tornado Strike" (They really like their epic weather references!) It's bigger than the Thunderstorm and comes with the stock and removable water clip (that looks compatible with the Thunderstorm). It also looks like it features tactical rails for N-Strike compatible scopes.

From what I can gather, it's NOT electric but a hand pumped barrel rotating water blaster. The pump is under the muzzle, and apparently two water jets will "twist" when the barrels are rotating (not unlike the Super Soaker Helix).

By the looks of the picture, it doesn't have a trigger, so it's another piston/syringe style blaster (like the Shot Blast). And that's all I know for now:) More as I learn it!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Preview: Unreleased Super Soaker Thunderstorm-we got one:)

Super Soaker Thunderstorm. It's awesome
Well, today's the first day of Summer here in Australia, and where I'm at, it's bucketing down in rain. So.. what better way to 'celebrate' today but to reveal the aptly named Nerf Super Soaker "Thunderstorm". (well we're assuming it's called that given it says "Nerf", "Super Soaker" and "Thunderstorm" on it!)

Now first up, this blaster hasn't been released yet; actually it's another scoop from my here contacts in Taiwan, but it does look a lot closer to a final release model than the Dart Tag 20 we announced last week. It's the first motorised electronic water blaster under the Nerf/Super Soaker branding, and it comes with detachable 'clips' much like the old Entertech electronic water guns of the 80's. 

Clear Series Vulcan EBF 25: Nerf official release

Clear Vulcan EBF 25 with red darts. Target US exclusive
This is almost a clean sweep of all Nerf rumours this year: and the one I was waiting for. Released on Nerf's official Facebook page:

"The Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 blaster joined the Clear Series Special Edition lineup. That’s right, this exclusive beast of an N-Strike blaster received the clear treatment just like the N-Strike Recon CS-6, Nite Finder EX-3, etc. and also comes with sweet red darts. This blaster is only available at Target and (if you’re in the U.S). Better hurry before they clear off the shelves."

That's right. Exclusive to Target US with the red darts. Gahh lookslike we Aussies miss out for now.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Mods? Where we're going we don't NEED Mods...

Ok, so if you wanna talk about dorky passions, I am a self confessed Gladiators fan. I loved the Australian "Gladiators" series back in the 90's but the reboot in 2007 was pretty weak; I do have to admit though that the US reboot of American Gladiators on FOX was pretty damn cool. I mean, it had my favourite female kickboxer Gina Carano at the helm, AND.. a reworked Nerf sponsored version of  the game "Assault".

Nerf might not endorse mods themselves, but when it comes to building custom high powered blasters for cheesy gameshows.. it's not really a mod per se:P (and people say ball blasters are for wussies..)

High powered Nerf and chicks? Awesome:P Check these 'blasters' out and the Nerf logos all over 'em:)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sonic Series Vulcan EBF 25: Pic Spam:)

Vulcan EBF-25 Sonic Series: I can see your insides:)
The Sonic Series is merely an aesthetic reshell of some of Nerf's existing N-Strike blaster range. We don't know why 'sonic' constitutes translucent green, and I was a lil' dubious in the first place at Nerf's colour choice, but I HAVE to admit.. they look amazing, both in photos and in person. Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder though, and I'm sure they're not for everyone but for those of you who've written to us for more pics of the mighty Vulcan EBF-25.. here you go:)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nerf Barricade RV-10: Finally makes it to US stores!

The most enigmatic of all the new 2010 blaster range would have to be the Barricade RV-10; it's publicity was almost completely fueled by rumours and fanfare rather than any real advertising or marketing push. We managed to get our hands on one in August but it wasn't long till it became readily available in several other countries worldwide..except the US. I gotta admit, this would have to be a first, and a rather bizarre decision by Nerf given for all intended purposes the US is their home turf?!

Well, it looks like the wait is finally over for our American pals; Nerf Mods and Reviews got their hands on one and it looks like the initial response is pretty good. $16.88 US at Walmart- almost half the price of what we've got 'em here in Australia. That's pretty typical though:(

Sonic Series Maverick: Ok so I caved..

Sonic Series Maverick REV-6. I know. I have a problem:)
Soo, what does one do with himself at 9 in the morning after dropping the gf off at work other than a.... coincidental drive by to Toys R Us..

$14.95 AUS for one of these puppies. What can I say, I'm a completionist..

Nerf sustainability: While we're on the topic of being 'green'

easily ripped in 15 seconds! Whoo hoo
The shells of the new Sonic Series aren't the only thing green:) A few days ago, Hasbro (the manufacturers of Nerf) made a press release regarding their values and strategies towards sustainability:

"Beginning in 2011, the Company will eliminate all wire ties from its packaging. In addition, for 2011 the Company has set a goal that at least 75 percent of its paper packaging will be derived from recycled material or sources that practice sustainable forest management."

I've noticed over the past few months that the new 2010 line of blasters (and any of the older blasters with updated packaging) have done away with the traditional metal/plastic twist ties and replaced them with paper string; much to the relief of parents everywhere (when you get a new toy, you wanna play with it NOW, not wait for 10 minutes untying all that crap!!)

On opening my new Sonic Series Vulcan and Recon, I've noticed Nerf have gone one step further and done away with ties all together- it's now just cardboard holding the blaster in place. Niiice! And it's not even 2011 yet!

Hasbro Sets New Environmental Sustainability Goals via the official Hasbro website

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sonic Series now available in Australia!

Oh yes.. I couldn't resist..
Green with envy I was.. :P
A stroll past my local Toys R Us (Belconnen, ACT) had me spot the new Sonic Series on shelves. Lots of them. So far they've got Recons, Mavericks and Vulcans. Funnily enough, NO Deploys. Wonder what it is with Deploys and Australia:P

Vulcan EBF 25 for $89, Recon for $49.95. Sorta over priced, but it IS Toys R Us and given the fact it's exclusive.. I guess they can do what they want with the prices.

Preview: Unreleased 'Dart Tag 20' single shot test fire

It's all good and well to have a fully automatic blaster that can pump out the rounds quickly, but when it comes to dart tag, it's the single shot fire that'll get the win every time. So we figured we'd test the unreleased '20' out for single shot mode to see how it fares. 

This is where the jams occur; I'm not sure the motor is really designed to be SO stop -and- start. So whereas with full burst automatic fire we experienced very little dart jams, in single shot mode we probably ended up with on average 3-4 darts misfiring or jamming. Anyone have this experience with their Stampedes or Vulcans?

Preview: Unreleased 'Dart Tag 20'- we got one:)

The unreleased 'Dart Tag 20'
This has been hot news over the past month, when a certain youtube clip started making the rounds of a new leaked (and unnamed) Nerf blaster. At this stage it is being referred to as the 'Nerf Dart Tag 20' blaster, mainly because the etchings on the side of the blaster say 'Nerf', 'Dart Tag' and '20':) 

We go to great lengths to bring you genuine news and information on blasters as they come and we've managed to be able to score ourselves a unit to review...which we're pretty happy with. Soo.. here we go!

Preview: Unreleased 'Dart Tag 20' test fire

One of our initial test shots using sucker darts, about 8 metres away. (The darts are on their way out to be honest, I just love the green camo so can't bring myself to use anything else for now)

The blaster CAN jam like any other Nerf blaster, but it's normally to do with the darts you use and the way they're inserted; I've tested it with multiple types of darts and I find whistlers are probably the best (or the dart tag velcro tipped ammo).  SO far I've gone through nearly 100 rounds and batteries still seem to be going strong.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sonic Series: in the hands of Nerf Mods + Reviews

Soo check it out, Jermaine from Nerf Mods + Reviews was lucky to get his hands on some of the Sonic Series... have a look see for more detail.

"Nerf Gun modifications can be dangerous" says CBS

From the airwaves of CBS news in the US, it's been confirmed that "Nerf gun modifications can be dangerous"

Ahh all it takes is a few dumb asses and it makes the media.. i'm pretty sure any form of modification to any product can be dangerous.Damn straight Nerf can be dangerous, how many paper cuts have I gotten from the packaging alone?!:P

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Preview: First pics of unreleased Dart Tag 20 Blaster (HOT!)

Sized up against the all conquering Stampede
Here it is folks; some detailed close ups of the much hyped and anticipated new Nerf Dart Tag blaster. Our contacts in Taiwan have forwarded us through some fantastic intel on what looks like Bumblebee's arm cannon (and I really would not be surprised if this does have some form of movie tie-in when it IS released) and we here at Urban Taggers are pretty excited at the prospect of getting our hands on one. But for now.. on with the pics!