Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rumours: Possible Nerf Vortex System pricing info?

Vortex. Que Sara Sara?:)
There's much speculation about the new upcoming Nerf Vortex system of blasters to be launched officially in September 2011 and on the whole most of it is just that; speculation. What little we do know is it's an all new blaster line from Nerf, it won't be replacing N-Strike, and it won't just be repaints of current blasters.

The other thing we sort of know is what was brought to our attention by some keen eyed readers is a price list in German is floating around on the interwebs that seems to list some possible prices and names of the upcoming blasters. I've put my german speaking friends on it (as well as our trusty Google Translate) and it doesn't really tell us much other than the Vortex blasters might be called different things in Germany (something like the Super Soaker Point Break was called the High Tide over there?) but for now these are the 'working titles' of the new pieces.

NERF Vortex Ammo Refills: 4,90 €
NERF Vortex Mission: 12,90 €
NERF Vortex Nitron: 69,90 €
NERF Vortex Practice: 39,90 € (This one's name seems a lil' out of place, given it's the 2nd most expensive!)
NERF Vortex Proton: 14,90 €
NERF Vortex Vigilon: 24,90 €

As I said, it's all speculative, but that's why we're calling it "rumours". Check out the original post if your German is a better than mine (or Google's). Thanks to Bluefire + an Anonymous for the find!

Neue NERF Guns: Die NERF Vortex Reihe via

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dart Zone Quick Fire 12: Nerf Mods + Reviews

Dart Zone Quick Fire 12: double the fire power.
It'll possibly be a while till we get the Dart Zone line of products down under; the generous fellas at Prime Time Toys though sent Nerf Mods + Reviews one of these Quick Fire 12's (as well as a Gatling Blaster) to review which was awesome (again Jerm, I'm totally jealous!). From what I can tell it looks very much the goods, with cues from modded Mavericks and apparently performance wise they're pretty decent.

With an interchangable barrel to give you added firepower and with no air restrictors, Dart Zone are self proclaimed successful competitor to Nerf; by their own press release they are "one of the only toy companies worldwide that successfully competes head-to-head with the category leader by producing feature-rich products at competitive prices."

Dart Zone Quick Fire 12 via Nerf Mods + Reviews

Monday, February 21, 2011

WowWee Light Strike: More images from TIA Toy Fair 2011 via A Day in My NYC

Surprised these didn't get more coverage at TIA Toy Fair 2011 this year. Maybe people were turned off the WowWee Paper Jams Justin Bieber key-tar. Ahh well. My suspicions and hopes are true though- they WILL be releasing different shells of the Light Strike Strikers! Ahh joy:)

Inside the WowWee Showcase via A Day in My NYC

Preview: WowWee Light Strike.. Laser Tag lives on!

WowWee Toys, the guys who first brought you the Robosapien into your homes are now going to release an all new light gun/laser tag system called 'Light Strike'. Due for an August 2011 launch, these new innovative blasters will be bringing back all of the things we've (we being me and a few mates of mine that are equally as old and nostalgic) grown to love with Laser Tag, while adding some pretty schmick updated features that Hasbro SHOULD have done with their Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX line. LOTS more after the jump.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

TIA 2011- Some nice pics from Foam from Above

Foam from Above have posted some pretty decent photos from their trip to the TIA Toy Fair 2011. I've grabbed a selection and posted them after the jump, but go over to their blog to get some serious Toy Fair intel:)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dart Zone Gatling Blaster vs Air Zone Punisher Gatling Blaster...or not.

I've never heard of "Dart Zone" before, but they're apparently made/distributed by "Prime Time Toys" From first view, the new Gatling Blaster does look a lot like the Airzone Punisher.. which probably makes sense given they're also coming at ya FROM Prime Time Toys. Have a look at both of these vids, using the same dude 'Dustin' to promote..

TIA 2011- What was on the TV screen at the Nerf stand?

Not a whole lot it seems:)

Review: Star Wars Clone Wars Blaster: Captain Rex

Captain Rex Blaster: "Fires Projectiles!"
Hasbro's  new Star Wars Clone Wars branded blasters were showcased at the TIA Toy Fair in New York last week, and I happened to spot some of them at my local Toyworld (Fyshwick ACT). There's a total of three available- The Captain Rex, The Cad Bane and the General Grievous, but only the Rex and Bane seemed to be on the shelves today. I opted for the Rex- I like blue:) It's essentially using Nerf tech, so I figured I'd give it a go..

Red Longshot. We got one:) Well sort of:P

A good friend of mine went to Trash n Treasure last week (it's basically a flea market for the un-informed) and somehow ended up with one.of.these. He came over and asked me "Is this any good?"

As tempted as it was for me to say "nah it's crap, but you might as well just leave it with me and I'll throw it out for you" I had to tell him it was something pretty damn spesh. It's stock, but in near new condition. Some poor kid's gonna spew when he finds his folks moved it on him...

No front gun or scope, but still.. that had to be the best spend 5 bucks. EVER! Anyone else had any luck like this?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Review: X-Shot Stealth- Water + Foam at the same time?!

X-Shot Stealth.. Nothing stealthy about bright green...
 I've been reading up more on these new X-Shot dual ammo dart and water blasters by Zuru and while I don't normally like to mix my foam and water, I do have to admit they look pretty cool aesthetically. Anyway a trip to my local Kmart (Belconnen) had several shelves of them- the Stealth and the Thundershot. As I wasn't convinced these were worth getting just yet, I opted for the cheaper of the two, and so it's the Stealth I'll be talking about today:)

Another Cool Super Soaker Shirt

The "Super Acid Soaker" from Ript Apparel. Only $10 bucks! Wear it mostly at night. Mostly.

A Cool Super Soaker shirt..

The 'Saturate' Tee, from Unit. $49.95AUS from Unit Riders. Pretty schmick, y'all:)

XShot Thundershot spotted @ Kmart Chatswood

XShot Thundershot. jack of all trades....
Abe from our Urban Taggers Facebook page picked one of these- The XShot Thundershot at Kmart Chatswood Chase (For those of you outside of Australia, that's in the Sydney area) on the 12th Feb 11. He writes:

"Nerf + Water gun? Awesome, right? Well, it might be awesome looking - but it jams horribly and has terrible water flow! Only $30 but definitely one to avoid I'm afraid and not for the kids. There's a pistol too - single shot."

You do have to hand it to rival toy manufacturers attempting to bring out new and innovative gear, but i've never been one to mix my water and foam together. Different blasters for different purposes in my opinion. Still, they look pretty sweet, and no doubt someone like Nerf Mods + Reviews will be able to turn them into an absolute mega cannon of a blaster:)

You can see more on them at Foam from Above: they're featured at the TIA Toyfair 2011.

Official image of the HK Toy Fair 2011 Nerf Stand

Official image of the stand @ the HK Toy Fair (via Nerf Nation on FB)
Nerf have posted an image of their stand on their Facebook page from the HK Toy Fair a few weeks back. They even make references to the "Gear Up" blasters in their post if you look closely at this pic (and how crazy does that Gear Up'd  Recon look in this light!)- which makes me wonder how the HK Toy Fair came and went and there was absolutely no coverage of the "Gear Up" blasters until now?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pre Release Speedload 6 vs Final

Spot the difference?... :P
Just a little random piece: Neil from Dart Tag Australia did bring to my attention that the Speedload 6's that we have seem to be less "yellow" than that of those from the TIA Toy Fair 2011.

He's absolutely correct; I checked and my Speedload 6 is a lot "blacker" :) That's the price we pay for getting the gear first for us to review for you folks!

TIA 2011- The Official Nerf Stand.. again via Nerf Nation /Facebook

"Look..there's Big Ben...":P
If you're not already over our coverage of the same thing over and over.. here's an OFFICIAL photo provided by Nerf on their Nerf Nation Facebook page of the stand. As with everything, Nerf tends to 'officially' release things on that page somewhat AFTER all of the Nerf blogs do...

That being said, it does actually looks different when presented this way:)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TIA 2011- Video of the Nerf Stand. via Sprocketman/ youTube

From youTube, Sprocketman posts a pretty cool vid of the Nerf stand at TIA's New York Toy Fair 2011. We've seen the pics, but here it is like you're actually there! (ok maybe not, but it's as close as we foreigners are gonna get)

Vortex Series??.. ok not quite...

Sometimes you find interesting things on the internet while searching for something else.. the boys from Grey Ops launch some Nerf Vortex "rockets" over a football field.

Probably NOT quite what we all had in mind for the new "Vortex" collection... but novel nonetheless:P

TIA 2011- Vortex Collection vs N-Strike? Gizmodo

Interesting stuff.. but what's that in the background..
One of our favourite gadget blogs Gizmodo featured a post regarding the new Dart Tag 2011 blasters, including a nifty video of the Swarmfire and the Quick 16. They're great previews in their own right, but have a look at the background while the dude's shooting the Quick 16- there's a video booth that has the new "Vortex" collection logo, and above it are the words "N-Strike vs Vortex". (kudos to Bluefire for catching on to this first a few posts back)

I for one am VERY interested to see what Nerf comes out with to generate a "Versus" against N-Strike! It's frustrating that we'll have to wait till the latter part of the year to find out what "Vortex" is... Be interested to know if anyone who went to the Toy Fair could tell us what was actually playing ON the video screen..

Nerf’s Newest Dart Tag Guns Are The Best Way To Shoot Your Friends via Gizmodo

Monday, February 14, 2011

TIA 2011- Madagascar Penguin Blaster..err

Regurgitating Rico Launcher. image courtesy of
Soo.. not all movie tie-ins for blasters do it for us..

TIA 2011- More images of Hasbro's Nerf stand via Millionaire Playboy

Dart Tag range- Sharp Shot and packaging with Swarmfire.
Sooo.. we've been trawling the interwebs for more pics of..pretty much the same stuff; that is the Nerf stand at TIA Toy Fair 2011. These latest ones come from Millionaire Playboy and give us more intel on the new stuff we've been discussing these past few months. More images after the jump.

TIA 2011- Captain America Shield.. shoots discs?

Captain America Shield- pic via
In "sort of" projectile blaster news, the new Captain America film tie in shield from Hasbro apparently shoots foam discs using a flywheel system, according to Vas from Foam from Above. I'm not sure if Captain America ever shot anything from his shield in the comics, but it's kinda a cool idea;) Kinda. :)

TIA Toy Fair 2011: New Star Wars blasters

Another Movie tie-in image from the TIA Toy Fair 2011 courtesy of Foam from Above- this time with the Star Wars Franchise. This won't be the first time there's been a Star Wars/Nerf cross over, but these ones look like some pretty sweet looking single shot blasters if you're looking for something different:)

Thor Hammer + other psuedo N-Force goodness

It's not just the Transformers that do Movie-Tie ins with Nerf- From this image from Foam from Above (man I am so jealous they get to go to Toy Fair!!) you can see the hammer and sword from the upcoming Marvel comics movie 'Thor' will be very much an N-Force style product- complete with the "Nerf" branding on the packaging:)

Another image, courtesy of
Oooh swords! From
Cop one of those to the noggin.. :P

TIA 2011- Prime Time Toys via Foam from Above

We don't personally do Air Zone, but Prime Time Toys, the guys who make 'em seem to have some interesting new gear, featured on this pic from Foam from Above. That repaint of the Punisher, a new 'Quickfire 12' which looks from the pic that it's incorporated that dual barrel Maverick mod, and some foam shields and axes which look a lot like a poor man's N-Force. Oh, and a slingshot:)

Thanks to Foam from Above for the pic.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dart Tag Australia: Gut their Speedload 6

Speedload 6..look at dem insides!
Those mad lads at Dart Tag Australia took to a Speedload 6 with a screwdriver (and maybe other tools, who knows!) and opened it up in the interests of science modders everywhere. They've posted heaps of photos on their official Facebook page- if you want to see 'em you're gonna have to 'like' them on Facebook first:) (All I know is apparently it's a mad crazy byatch to open up!)

More on the TIA Toy Fair 2011

Barricade RV-10 in new "Gear Up" finish. Pics courtesy of Action Figure News
We got some intel from Action Figure Times from the much anticipated TIA Toy Fair in New York. Remember how the big thing last year as the 'Clear the way" campaign, were Nerf brought several blasters out in a clear scheme? Well somehow the new promotion 'Gear Up' for the 'Top Secret' Vortex Collection translates to a black band over the blaster AND the darts. 
Maverick REV-6 in new 'Gear Up' black stripe finish:)
Below are the boxes for the new "Gear Up" blasters. You'll notice the Raider is in a new colour scheme which does look very niiiice;) (it looks red in this pic, which would be sweeeet, but it might just be the yellow)

Packaging for the new Gear Up blasters. Stripey:)
Other things we haven't featured already on Urban Taggers are the new line of tee shirts.. interesting concept breaking into the fashion market, but I would assume they're going to sell pretty well with Nerf affectionatos..

Nerf meets Ed Hardy..
For N-Force fans, check out the new 'Vendetta" double ended sword/staff. Box says it's over 4.5 feet long!

Check out more images at Action Figure News. Thanks to Carl from the Dart Tag Australia crew for the intel!

Stampede takes the best boys toy award TIA 2011

Stampede ECS "You Like it.. right now, you like it!"
The Toy Industry Association's Toy of the Year Awards 2011 were on over the weekend and sure enough, the Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS took a much deserved win for Best Boys Toy. It's an awesome piece of tech, comes with heaps of accessories and definitely trumped its competitors for the title.

Hasbro also took out the Best toy designed for outdoor play with the Super Soaker Shot Blast. This was one I DIDN'T think Hasbro deserved- the Shot Blast was a pretty ordinary piston based water blaster that wasn't that exciting. Me thinks the competition musta been pretty lame (bring back the slip n slide I say)

TOTY Awards 2011 via Toy Industry Association

New Raider CS-35 Colours.. via Kotaku

It's priddy....
Intel from one of our readers; we checked out (which kept redirecting us to the Australian site.. which didn't feature this post but we're pretty relentless) to see some images from the Hasbro stalls at the TIA Toy Fair 2011. Now So far I haven't seen anything fantastic thus far, but I AM liking this new colour scheme for the N-Strike Raider CS-35. It looks like similar palettes to the Dart Tag range. I'm in:)

What are your thoughts? Like it? No?

The Cutest Millennium Falcon, Transformers Play-doh And Other Wild New Toys via Kotaku

TIA 2011- Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster

Transformers Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster..dart tag anyone?

The first signs of anything mildly blaster related from the highly anticipated  TIA 2011 Toy Fair in NY is Hasbro's new movie tie-in Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster. As in the past, Hasbro do tend to work with Nerf tech to make their Transformers blasters, so it's bound to be as good as any blaster released under the 'Nerf' banner. Hell it even comes with dart tag ammo!

Spotted on, it actually looks like a pretty impressive piece of kit; a glorified dart tag Hyperfire blaster perhaps? It does however take batteries, which I assume is to power light + sounds, but it appears to still have a manual primer on top. Check out the size of that trigger though!

Check out the article on Cheers to Christian Brock from our FB page for the heads up:)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hydro Cannon vs CPS 2700.. youth vs experience

It's proven the new 2011 Super Soaker Hydro Cannon DOES feature CPS tech, but is it as good as OTHER older CPS water cannons like the 2000 model CPS 2700?

SO here's a video.. one thing for sure..they definitely perform differently.. I guess you'll just have to decide which one you think is better for you (that and the CPS 2700 is discontinued!).

Aesthetics also MAY play a part... :P

Constant Pressure System Water Blasters

When it comes to water blasters, we admit we tend to go on about CPS tech a lot, but we realise there are many of our readers (especially the younger ones) who have never had the joy of experiencing a true vintage Constant Pressure System Super Soaker first hand. "What makes them so good?" is a common question; while I'm not sure our readership really cares for the technical aspects of why, we thought we'd just show you what we mean in video form.

So, although these are two very different classes of water blaster, here we demonstrate the current 2011 Super Soaker Thunderstorm vs the vintage 1998 Super Soaker CPS 1000. It hopefully should speak for itself:)

Hasbro's TIA 2011 press release: Nerfers wet their pants:)

We got slammed with a emails all morning regarding Hasbro's new press release for the upcoming TIA Toy Fair in NY this weekend. It's pretty exciting stuff; the biggest thing it really promises is a whole new series of Nerf blaster called the "Nerf Vortex Collection" which is apparently "a completely new and innovative blaster experience" to be unveiled on the novel date of  9-10-11 (by US date standard- for Australians it makes less sense of being 10th September..but hey, we'll take any blaster we can get whenever we can get it)

Given it's only February, I'm interested to see just how MUCH of these new Vortex collection blasters we're going to see; you'd think they'd keep them under wraps till that date? Either way there's gonna be a LOT of speculation no doubt:)

Transcript of the Nerf related part of the press release is after the jump:)

Super Soaker Tornado Strike + Scatterblast via SG Super Soaker

At the end of last year Australia was doing really well with getting Hasbro's blasters early; especially their Super Soaker range. This made a LOT of sense given it's Summer here atm, and given it's been a pretty wet season, water restrictions are not as tight as they were, which lends itself to water fights being more acceptable amongst..well everyone. First we got the Thunderstorm.. tick! Then the Point Break.. Awesome! And then..  nothing.  I thought it was well worth it to import a Hydro Cannon from the US, but was a lil unsure about the other two; the Tornado Strike + the Scatterblast.

I'm personally not partial to piston based water blasters, and so was not prepared to pay the incredibly high import costs to get these two, (and I went a little crazy acquiring much more effective vintage CPS blasters instead) but you can't deny they don't both look awesome, at least aesthetically. SG Nerf's new Super Soaker site features them (obviously they're available in Singapore!) and he's done some awesome vids so have a look and see for yourself if you're interested in hittin' up Amazon:)

Videos courtesy of SG Super Soaker - check the page out for more info!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

HVZ Ithaca College: Relay for Life - Donate to a Good Cause

There are some causes that are pretty dear to my heart, and Cancer research and support is one of them. Cancer is a killer that affects so many of us; it robs us of our best people and hurts more than just the brave sufferers but their friends and families as well. I tragically lost my Dad only two months ago to Lung Cancer just 4 days before Christmas; there is nothing more painful than losing someone you love to this dreadful disease.

How is this related to Urban Taggers? The Humans vs Zombies Social Club @ Ithaca College in New York, USA is fielding a team to enter their local  American Cancer Society's Relay for Life on the 26-27 March, 2011. They're looking to raise as much as they can and putting the call out for generous donations for this worthwhile cause.  Urban Taggers isn't a business and generates no income, but we're still doing our small part to not only help out our fellow Nerfers in the US, but also to donate to what we believe is something worth while.

The link to their team page is here: if you can please help out a fellow Nerfer!

And... now it's official..again:) Dart Tag 2011

Official images of the Sharp Shot. Ooh carbine linky thingy!
A few weeks ago we posted on the new Dart Tag 2011 products being official due to them being on the official Hasbro website, but apparently they were hidden within hours of being posted (might have been a miscommunication with the web peeps and marketing!). Anyway, things can't get any MORE official than Nerf posting them on their actual official Facebook Page. A much clearer pic of the Sharp Shot too:)

Check out this two player kit too with Sharp shots + dumbed down jerseys!
Looks like art smocks..

Nerf Dart Tag 2011 via Nerf Nation/Facebook

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Arts + Crafts: Radioactive Mavericks

Drac, from the Nerf Grid  does some of the more innovative unique Nerf mods I've seen, and I'm quite the fan of this one. He calls it the 'Radioactive" Maverick mod, and he's basically done some mad Frankenstein work with some Sonic Mav's, and added some LED fun. Check the specs out on his blog; very schmick:)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Rant: XPloderz distribution and customs. Boo.

Jerm's got one. In his house. Right now!! 
We brought you a whole lot of info on the X-ploderz range a while back, but alas because they're not planning on an Australian release for some time, we haven't been able to get our hands on one. I've been liaising with the manufacturer who were incredibly helpful with press release info, but given we're NOT a part of the distribution chain for this year, we couldn't score ourselves one to review. (so, admittedly we're a TAD jealous that they sent a couple to Nerf Mods + Reviews to check out!!)

Finally, I did try to import one, but Customs ACTUALLY seized it; I was sent a rather harsh letter informing me "things you CAN bring into the country" and they've at this stage classed this as a projectile/ BB gun style blaster for now. Admittedly this is a whole new "thing" to shoot so they're probably unaware of what it is so maybe in the future if they do EVER come out here it'll be ALL ok...

That being said, Customs also seized one of these too:

A kids "paintball"  blaster which is from the same people (with the same ammo) as the "Supa Splat" blasters domestically available in all Australian toystores (and.. Rebel Sport?!) . It's spring powered, nothing THAT powerful, but for some reason the Supa Splat syringe looking thing makes it into Australia but these don't?!

Anyway, dear Xploderz- please bring your product to Australia through the proper channels so I don't have to keep losing money on Customs seizing my gear:(

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Soaker CPS 1000: Trip down memory lane

Super Soaker CPS 1000. Awwwww yeah..
When it comes to classic CPS tech water blasters, the Super Soaker CPS 1000 is definitely up there as one of the best ever made. Powerful as all hell, decent capacities yet small enough to do commando rolls with.. this was one of the first CPS blasters that ever came out. I remember them being given away (along with the CPS2000's) for a Men in Black movie tie in promo back in the 90's with everyone remarking at the sheer size of these new water blasters...(in those days the biggest blaster before CPS tech blasters came out was the Super Soaker 200 and 300..)

There's no real purpose to this post other than I picked one of these up on eBay the other day and I just had to do a lil victory dance over it all. It's pretty beat up, but it still works a treat:)
Sun faded tips and scratches, but it still packs a mega punch
That's all:)

Friday, February 4, 2011

West Nerf interviews us- full transcript.. cos we talk a lot:)

West Nerf is a Western Australian Nerf community that recently interviewed us for their 'Fortnightly Feedback' posts. We were their first Australian blog to get the tick, (other interviews were with SG Nerf and ForsakenAngel24 from Nerf Haven). They've got a pretty good community going on, so whether you're a Western Australian or not, do check it out:)

Hi Pocket, thanks for taking the time to be a part of our West Nerf community by participating in an interview! You've been into the Nerf scene & blog scene with your Urban Taggers site here in Australia for quiet some time, giving us some very honest reviews on blasters both past & present as well as trying to be interactive with your community and keeping us all up to date on the latest Nerf news. Can you trace your steps back to when Nerf became a serious hobby/sport for yourself?

I've always loved Nerf gear from back when I was a kid but never really got any of it because it never really came to Australia. Blaster wise I was much more into water guns and laser tag but casually got into foam with my first Nerf blaster which was the NB1; my cousin and I used to have "wars" between that and his Nerf Slingshot, but needless to say they didn't go for very long:)

As a serious hobby though, it would have to be 2007 right after I bought a pack of Eliminators for some office fun at work. After I started seeing the potential of how fun they could be, we picked up a Maverick and a Nitefinder and it was all on from there. I think when you start to realize you need another storage crate is when you transcend from being a "casual" Nerfer to one with a serious problem:)

Rant:Nerf Wars and Violence- Can we ever avoid the association?

Nope. No war influences here:)
Today we got news that the Australian National University has banned the use of Nerf blasters on most of the campus due to their belief that any form of gun is inherently a symbol of violence and hence associated with school shootings and war. It's funny how many people are actually slightly troubled at the sight of students walking around carrying the likes of Stampedes and Longshots slung over their shoulders and while I myself don't think it's a big deal, I guess out of context it can seem a tad confronting. Especially when those who are holding said blasters often look very counter culture (and hence stereotyped as looking like social misfit campus shooters) and from the wielder's point of view, it's hard not to hold a "gun" looking toy and not role play a little.

I don't know about you, but I would much prefer to see someone openly holding a brightly coloured Nerf blaster in public than to NOT see a concealed real fire arm. Still.. alarmist public outcry IS what it is, and mostly based around ignorance and fear of the unknown. I don't think anyone in the HVZ club would have done anything violent or anti social- so such a ban on campus has more to do with public perception rather than ACTUAL acts themselves.  Soo.. how do we go about educating the general public that this is really NOT a violent hobby?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super Soaker Hydro Cannon test videos

Some quick vids on the new Super Soaker Hydro Cannon. Admittedly, not the best vids, but the neighbours downstairs were having a dinner party so I couldn't do the normal "shoot off the balcony" thing I normally do:) Gives you an idea anyway:)

Vintage Nerf Commercial: Seth Green has

A vintage Nerf commercial from 1992 with Robot Chicken creator Seth Green for the Nerf Slingshot. An incredibly inaccurate, pre-blaster foam weapon; my cousin had one and while kinda dorky and used ballz, was still kinda fun:) More importantly.. how's Seth Green's hair? Now, THAT's a fringe.

Nerf Dart Tag Quick 16: internals

For all you modders out there, Ben 'Psyk' Koh has done everyone a favour and cracked his Nerf Dart Tag Quick 16 open and made some videos of the internals. Yup its a reverse plunger:)

Thanks to Ben again for the intel!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review: Super Soaker Hydro Cannon

The much anticipated Hydro Cannon is the largest water blaster in the new 2011 (Nerf) Super Soaker line. It's big, it's tough and the most exciting part about this blaster is it does incorporate the awesome Constant Pressure System (CPS) tech found in the glory day blasters of the 90's. finally came good and lo and behold, my Super Soaker Hydro Cannon arrived today. After doing my little victory dance, I cracked it open and can safely say.. its pretty damn cool...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nerf iPhone case.

Well.. this was bound to happen sooner or later.Available from "Performance Designed Products" (PDP) These officially licenced Nerf iPhone covers are sorta like those DS armour cases.. but for iPhone:) I checked their website but the only one's listed are NBA branded ones like below:
Still kinda cool though. Around $15 US.

Nerf Armor for Apple via

Nerf iPhone cases on display at Macworld 2011 via Mobilewhack