Monday, October 31, 2011

More on Orange Modworks Pre-Order

More info on the Orange Mod Works Massacre kit pre-order:

The preorder discount of $4US per Massacre kit has been extended until the end of next week - 11:59 PM CST on November 6th. You can find the discount code on each kit's product page.

Remember that all preordered Massacre kits (except the Recon) will include a free metal trigger! Check out the full product line here

Also, if you purchased a stage 1 kit from us and would like to preorder standalone polycarbonate stage 2 parts, they are available for $17.99US each (including a $2US preorder discount per kit).

You'll only be able to order standalone stage 2 polycarbonate kits until November 30th.

Lastly, they're now running a limited time Halloween promotion on springs. Buy a pack of 3 springs (either 5+ kg or 6+ kg), and get the following items for free:

- 10 gram tube of Silicone Grease
- Pack of 2x O-Rings
- Pack of 2x Trigger Catch Springs

 This deal can be pulled any time without notice, so stock up on their high quality springs.

Orange Mod Works

Airzone Quickfire Sniper: It's kinda.. BIG.

The Air Zone Quickfire Sniper is a new addition to the Quickfire range, being compatible with the clips from Quickfire 6's and basically taking design cues from a whole bunch of different tilts, from the Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 to a P90 submachine gun/compact assault rifle. It comes with removable stock, barrel extension and scope, but when attached the whole unit is really rather.. long:) 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster

The Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster was officially released to tie in with the film release of Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon but for some reason never really made it to Australia at the time. It is manufactured by Hasbro, Nerf's parent company and is essentially using Nerf tech in terms of build quality and performance, but also adds to it the role play elements of light and sounds of Optimus Prime (Transformers voice legend Peter Cullen) Licenced blasters are always pretty exi compared to traditional Nerf blasters but while a tad over priced, I still kinda liked this one. Even if it is a glorified Hyperfire:)

Air Zone Quickfire 6

The Quickfire 6 is a clip fed 6 round blaster from Toys R Us' in-house brand 'Air Zone.' In the past Air Zone was a little touch and go, but recently they have been bringing out some pretty decent blasters of late with both decent performances and aesthetically pleasing designs. Although Air Zone is essentially rebadged Lanard/Dart Zone/ X-Shot/misc gear, at least the person who's selecting the gear to do this is doing a great job. 

At the time I brought them in from the US and for what they are, the Quickfire 6's are really quite decent for the price. (not so much if you're including the ridiculous import fees I had to endure!!!) They are however NOW available in Australia.. sigh:P

Random:Crossbow Snow Launcher | Uncrate

Not that we ever really have a whole lot of use for a snowball launcher unless it's ski season, but still, I like the look of this one.  Apparently 60 feet ranges.  Orange and white is so in these days:)

Crossbow Snow Launcher | Uncrate

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18 Internals: First look

Sooo.. you ask, and we do our best to accommodate! I may not be proficient with a screw driver, but Neil's enlisted master weapon-smith Chris Wolfe and his Make Hack Void fellas to do a lil surgery on the upcoming Rayven CS-18 blaster. Here are some exclusive pics of a cracked open Rayven to give you all a first look at what's inside. 

Means nothing to me of course:) Lots more pics after the jump.  (Thanks fellas!)

Rant: Respect + Nerf

There's a pretty strong likelihood that regardless of whether you're a technical modder, aesthetic modder, out of the box fan, HVZ/dart tag warrior or just a 12 yo kid; whether you like to role play, showcase in cabinets or crack things open to see how they work.. the fact that you're reading this now means you love toy blasters.  It's a weird and wonderful passion that we have and we all come to it from various backgrounds. I myself came from it due to the fact as a child, I was very very poor and didn't have a whole lot of toys let alone blasters.  I like the toy element (blasters are not the only toys I collect, which anyone who shows up at my place can attest to) of it all, enough so that I would dedicate so much of my spare time to managing a whole blog about toy blasters.

Everyone else in my world thinks I'm nuts.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18 – Battle Test!

Photo courtesy of the Canberra & Southern NSW DartTag crew
Our man Neil took the range tests for the Rayven CS-18 one step further and brought it into a Nerf war situation to see how it faired in "real world" battle. If you've seen the videos to date, you'll know that with voltage mod, these puppies are making some pretty impressive ranges, but how does that fare when under fire from others?

Full review after the jump.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nerf Rayven CS-18 test videos (YouTube)

We only had a short amount of time to get these done, but Neil and I managed to shoot several quick vids to give you an idea of ranges for the upcoming Rayven CS-18. 

The conditions for the vids:

Outdoors in a quiet urban street in the city; minimal wind; the cones are measured out in 10 metre lengths; the first 5-6 shots were shot straight, while the rest of them were shot at an angle. We used the Rayven's 18 round clip, older and newer streamlines ( traditional, reds, camos and whites) and we tested it with new Duracells, and higher voltage trufires.

Vids after the jump.

Video: Super Soaker CPS 2500

Just a quick vid to show you the awesome power of a vintage Super Soaker; the CPS 2500 from 1998 is still one of the most powerful (officially the 2nd most powerful after the CPS 2000 apparently) water blasters ever made. We show it here with the 5x nozzle and then the 20x nozzle to show you the difference in soakage ability. It's still an absolute beast:)

Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18 with Spectre Barrel Extension (PIC SPAM)

By request, the upcoming Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18 with the Spectre REV-5 barrel extension. Other than the colour, it works pretty well. More pics after the jump.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Orange Mod Works Massacre kits available for pre-order

Orange Mod Works now have available to pre-order the new Massacre kits. These new units are for the Longstrike CS-6, Alpha Trooper CS-18 and Raider CS-35 and are made of polycarbonate to make things lighter (albeit apparently still strong)

 "The Massacre kit is our Recruit Level kit, and it contains everything you need to get started. These upgrade kits are intended to be introductory level and somewhat universal in style for each blaster. The MASSACRE system will introduce additional kits to further upgrade and designate a specific role for your blaster, but the Recruit Level kit will be the starting point for any further upgrades."

 Pre-ordering come with a free metal trigger; you can use a $4 off code (remember this expires Sunday October 30th) so if you've been thinking of getting into these OMW units, it's a good time to buy. Here are the codes that correspond to the various kits:

raidermassacre $4 off code for Raider
atmassacre $4 off code for Alpha Trooper
lsmassacre $4 off code for Longtrike
reconmassacre $4 off code for Recon

 Estimated Release Date: Between December 1, 2011 and January 15, 2012.

 Included in the Massacre kit:

 - Trigger catch - 2x Strength trigger catch spring
 - Reinforcement plate - 6+ kg spring (More than 2X the strength of 2.5kg stock spring!)
 - Polycarbonate bolt sled with pin
 - Polycarbonate breech with O-ring
 - Polycarbonate plunger
 - Silicon grease

 Also available are silicone grease and O-rings, and 5 or 6 KG performance springs for your Recon, Raider, Longstrike and AT.

Orange Mod Works

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Preview: Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18. Tacticool just got cooler.

You'd have to suggest the hottest blaster this year that just came out of nowhere is this upcoming Nerf Rayven N-Strike CS-18. Speculation has been thick and fast over the past few weeks since we posted links to of the upcoming blaster; I can confirm on the whole our switched on readers were pretty accurate in their observations from a few blurry pics. It IS a rear vertical flywheel blaster but one that uses an 18 round clip to fire streamlines.

When the opportunity came for us to get our hands on one to test, I don't think anyone would have said no:) Regardless of whether you're a fan of flywheel blasters or not, we have to admit the Rayven is pretty damn cool.. tacticool even:P

(For the record this is our 666th post on UT.. whooooooooooo spooky!)

Bumblebee Transformers Blaster.. Whoo hooo!

NEW NEW NEW It's awesome and all the cool kids will have one.

Ok just kiddin':)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review: Nerf Dart Tag Speed Swarm

Intel on this blaster also came out of nowhere; we learnt of a 10 round "mini" Swarmfire, then we found out it's apparent official name, and then we saw some "not final" box art. All in a few weeks:) Well, all of what was speculated about the blaster by you all is true- we at UT have managed to get ourselves a brand spankin' new Speed Swarm in box. It's niiiiiice.:)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Arsenal Toys Mortar and Rifle

Another one from 'Arsenal Toys' is the Mortar and Rifle (which we'll call the M+R as of now) , which is a combo unit that incorporates a pump air pressure "mortar" on top of a six shooter dart blaster. It features the classic Arsenal Toys quirky "minimimalist" styling and like the Machine Pistol we reviewed earlier, it looks more like a prototype concept unit rather than a finished product. That all being said, in a classic case of "it's what's inside that counts", we've got ourselves another unit that had very surprising performances..          

Arsenal Toys Machine Pistol. For something different..

A few months ago I spotted these and was kinda curious; in a sea of fakes and dodgy rip offs of Nerf blasters, I thought it was interesting to spot a Chinese toy company that was doing something different. The "Arsenal Toys" Machine Pistol is a vertical flywheel driven motorised blaster that fires single darts by dropping them into a chamber hatch. Why bother? Well curiosity got the better of me and I sourced one just to see how it went.. and I have to say.. it surprised the hell out of me:)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Transformers Bumblebee Barricade RV-10 (PIC SPAM)

 We picked up a 'New' blaster- the Transformers Bumblebee Barricade RV-10:P It's a limited run aimed mainly at Transformers fans and comic collectors rather than Nerfers, judging by the chilly response from blaster fans when Nerf announced it a few weeks ago:P

I personally like it, mainly because I am a Transformers fan and really dig IDW's artwork, which is the house that designed the graphics for this release. Again, the changes are purely aesthetic, so there's not much else I can really say about it other than check the pics after the jump.

Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10 Sonic Series (PIC SPAM)

We got ourselves a Sonic Series Barricade RV-10.. just because we're completionists like that:) Barricades are getting a bit more exposure with the repaints, but changes are of course just aesthetic so there's not really a whole lot I can say about them other than.. several close up pics after the jump:)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sonic Stampede ECS Confirmed

That's a big 'green' light on that one. All of that speculation about a Sonic Series Stampede ECS has been confirmed this morning on Nerf's Facebook page. They actually officially confirmed all of the new sonic series blasters we've been posting about as well- Barricade RV-10, Longstrike CS-6 and Barrel Break IX-2 so they can now all OFFICIALLY be making wish lists everywhere:)

Those green darts we posted on a few days ago that Neil saw on eBay are for the Stampede; the bipod as you can see will be orange but the disappointing thing for me is from this pic, the shield won't be translucent which I thought would be pretty cool. Ahhh well. Still looks pretty sweeeeeeet..

Apparently scheduled for a December, and obviously Christmas release.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Johnson Arms: You've come a long way baby

Almost a year ago, we were just starting to get a decent following in the toy blaster realm when we stumbled across some pretty sweet custom painted Nerf blasters on Deviant ART. I was amazed at how much effort and detail went into them; I found two profiles I really liked and wrote to both of them letting them know I'd done a write up on them on UT. One was a bit blase about my correspondence and didn't really care so much; the other, known at the time as "bcjfla76" was very much the gentleman and appreciative of our efforts in bringing his work to the masses. Nice guy:)

Flash forward to current day, and that deviant ART profile of "bcjfla76" is none other than Johnson Arms; since then quite probably the most well known and loved aesthetic modder in the world. Brian's work is incredible and has been showcased everywhere, including the big guns in IGN, Kotaku and Game Rant to name a few. And it's nice to know fame hasn't gotten to his head- he's still a nice guy:) Here's to you Mr Johnson; what a year eh?!

Check his blog here:
Johnson Arms

Our original post in November 2010:
Urban Taggers.: More custom Nerf paintjobs: bcjfla76:

Light Strike/Stampede Integration. SO Cool.

When the Wow Wee Light Strike line came out, the biggest criticism of them was their design and rather flat looking shape. I had mentioned many times that it would have been good to recase them into something cooler, but when I finally got my hands on them, I was "errr this looks to be a lot harder to do than I thought".  This doesn't help the fact that I am a goober with my hands on all things practical...

These good folk at new blog "The Hive Mind" however are not. They've managed to fit a Light Strike tagger into a Nerf Stampede ECS. And I was impressed. VERY much so. Check out the link below for more deets.

The Hive Mind: Light Strike/Stampede Integration:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Retro: Super Soaker CPS 2500. That's tuff.

I've been on a roll with the acquisition of retro Super Soakers lately, and I have to admit I was absolutely stoked at this latest find. The Super Soaker CPS (Constant Pressure System) 2500 is one of the all time Super Soaker fan favourites from 1998 and is one of the most powerful water blasters ever made other than it's legendary older brother in the CPS2000.  I owned one back when they were released but it was unfortunately thrown out when I was not about; you can imagine how upset I was as even second hand units these days normally go for quite high prices on eBay, being quite popular with collectors and seasoned water fight affectionatos alike.

Sooo you can imagine I was very happy when I got the call to pick up a NIB almost mint unit for 40 bucks:)

NERF-Branded Tech Gear from Sakar Set to Blast Off for the Holidays — The Gadgeteer

Similar article to the one we posted last week of the new Sakar produced Nerf branded gear, but this is just an updated photo with what looks like the MP3 player next to the handheld cam. Cheers Carl for the lead.

NERF-Branded Tech Gear from Sakar Set to Blast Off for the Holidays — The Gadgeteer:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rumours: Rayven CS-18 first look!

Sent to us from a reader known as "Clu", this looks like a first look at the much speculated Rayven CS-18. The image was TINY and unfortunately quite poor quality but I've done everything I can with it to enhance the detail;  it might look different in the end but it at least gives you more of an idea of what the upcoming blaster is going to look like.

Still rockin' the lime green, you can still see the N-Strike logos and the use of the orange and grey accents. By the looks of the button under the trigger, it will be a similar mechanism as the Vortex Nitron to activate/operate the blaster.

Happy to hear your views though.. does it still interest you?

Rumours: Green Streamlines?

Our man Neil's brought this to our attention; spotted on eBay from a HK seller are some very schmick looking streamline darts. They're listed as "Nerf whistlers" but you can see they're very much streamlines. Only.. green:)

Monday, October 10, 2011

SG Nerf: Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm - Review!

We've been talking about it, but the Dart Tag Speed Swarm is looking very much like the real deal. SG Nerf have got their hands on a unit, and though there's no "official" press release yet, I think it's pretty much the real deal. Seems to be very much a mini Swarmfire- from SG Nerf's post:

"The Nerf Speedswarm is a fully motorized spring-powered direct plunger blaster. The blaster requires 6 x AA Batteries to power its motor (Batteries sold separately). Its rotating barrel has a 10-dart ammo capacity.

Its firing system is fully motorized, there is no manual priming mechanism (without any batteries, it cannot fire).

The Speedswarm can fire in full auto or in bursts, depending on the duration of trigger pulls. Firing single shots at a time can also be done by simply pulling the trigger briefly and letting go. Its all in the timing of the trigger pulls."

 More pics at SG Nerf.

SG Nerf: Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm - Review

Sonic Nerf N-Strike Barrel Break IX-2 Spotted

Want more Sonic Series? Spotted in a US Toys R Us at Huntington, West Virginia. Thanks for the Gray House for the lead.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tactical Tag: N-Strike vs Vortex Game

Here's probably something many of us have talked about but haven't gotten around to formally doing; Mike from Tactical Tag has gotten some of his peeps together and in the interests of research, conducted an N-Strike vs Vortex indoor Nerf war. How'd it all go? Check out Tactical Tag for detailed results!

Tactical Tag: N-Strike vs Vortex Game

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nerf Double Blockades + Combat Shelter

In what sort of looks like a glorified tent, here we have a 'Nerf Double Blockade'. I've never seen these before, they just sprung out of nowhere while doing some Google searches. Looks like something only available in the UK..

Also available is the Nerf Combat Shelter...

"After I shoot you, maybe I can tell you scary stories and toast marshmallows"
Apologies for the broken links before, fixed now:)

Nerf Double Blockade via Littlewoods
Nerf Combat Shelter via Littlewoods

Rumours: Nerf Rayven CS-18

Brought to our attention by a reader m4rsmensch, what appeared on German Nerf forum was a very cool image of a new N-Strike blaster, the Rayven CS-18. In what looks like the first time another blaster other than the Firefly has opted for glow in the dark darts, it does look pretty cool and the answer to fans' requests for "Nerf should make a SMG" :)

The colour scheme does look abit like N-Strike and Vortex had a love child, but much of this could be due to the fact the box art is clearly "NOT FINAL". That also being said, this is the first time we've seen this, so it sits in the rumour mill till we can confirm or deny. The story behind it this leak though is however does come from a fella asking for info at his local retailer so it's looking pretty accurate thus far.

Open up the feedback lines folks, what do you reckon?:)

New Nerfs Leaked via

Rumours: Nerf Dart Tag Speed Swarm

We posted info on the mysterious ten round mini Swarmfire looking blaster last week- well a leak of the box art seems to have emerged on German Nerf forum Looks like it will be called a "Speedswarm" (Speedload 6 plus Swarmfire equals... how imaginative!) and from the box art, looks like it's "one handed auto" suggesting it's basically the same mechanism as a Swarmfire. Will take 6 AA's also it seems, which I guess will cut down the weight:)

Obviously it's all still officially in the rumour mill category because the box art as you can see is "not final" :)

Rumours: Super Soaker Lightning Storm

You can't say Nerf ever rest on their laurels of success; browsing German store came up with an image of "Not Final" Box art for a new Super Soaker blaster called the Lightning Storm. 

From what we can tell, it uses a 1 litre water drum (that we'd have to assume is compatible with the other clip system blasters like the Thunderstorm and Tornado Strike) and claims to be the highest capacity Super Soaker blaster (well.. highest capacity of the CURRENT range). I'm guessing the 'Powersoak Technology' and the fact it takes 4 batteries suggests it's another motorised blaster. And it has a shield that actually looks like it'll be able to fit on tactical rail compatible blasters properly, unlike the weird styling of the Hydro Cannon's.

More as we know it:)

Super Soaker Lightning Storm via

Friday, October 7, 2011

Kidstuff PR: Air Zone Quickfire Sniper

Just found a press release on Prime Time Toys New line that reveals a new Air Zone Quickfire Sniper. From the release:

Air Zone Quickfire Sniper • Ages 6+ • $29.99 Think you’ve got what it takes to be a sharpshooter? Grab this huge 37.5-inch long blaster, load six darts into the clip, snap in position and let it rip—up to 30 feet away! Wrap both hands around this brightly colored shooter and aim. Features include a built-in scope, recoil shoulder stock and choice of short-range, long-range or sniper modes.

Update: Looks like Nerf Mods + Reviews got one: Airzone Quickfire Sniper


Rumours: Nerf Vortex Lumitron - is a Praxis?

A reader m4rsmensch (thanks!)brought to our attention an interesting image of a Nerf Vortex "Lumitron". It looks just like a Praxis, but with different colour scheme, without a stock and with an 20 round clip.

It's true names of blasters are often different depending on the country but i'm PRETTY sure the Praxis.. is called the Praxis in Germany. The image as you can see is 'Not Final' so it could just be that this was an early image of the Praxis that somehow ended up public. Or it IS an actual repaint. Or... it could be a place holder image and the "Lumitron" is a completely different looking blaster. Speculations!!!

Nerf Vortex Lumitron - FunKids24

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nerf Pocket DVR from Sakar

A pic from that looks like the upcoming Nerf pocket DVR. Is it likely to make you want to buy it due to the Nerf branding, or would you just prefer getting yourself something like a Flip instead?

Cheers Carl for the lead!

Sakar Licenses NERF Brand For CE - 2011-10-05 19:29:57 | TWICE

Rant: Flywheel love

Rehashing this Photoshop manip:) 
Regardless of actual performance, traditionally flywheel blasters such as the Barricade RV-10  get a pretty bad rap with the toy blaster community, mainly due to the noise they make and hence the inability to use them in "stealth" missions. The thing is, there are PLENTY of blasters out there that you could use for a 'stealth' mission so I'm not sure why you would use a flywheel blaster for this purpose anyway whereas they make perfect sense in an open field firefight (which so many Nerf wars end up being anyway). Adding to the fact that a flywheel blaster is probably the easiest to increase performances; whether you call it 'amping', 'juicing', 'upping' or 'vodding', increasing the voltage of a motorised flywheel blaster can turn a good blaster into a great one. Our man Neil's an absolute convert now- check out his rant after the jump.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Arts + Crafts: Home made paperclip gun

This vid reminds me a lot of when I was a kid and we were too poor to afford toys (and a very anti-gun father meant I wasn't allowed to even be given any from relatives and family friends) Soo.. I ended up making my own from a library book which showed me how to make a fully functioning rubber band gun out of cardboard and split pins.

This home made paper clip gun takes the rubber band concept and launches paper clips, which I'm guessing will sting and probably shouldn't be aimed at anyone's face (or any other body part for that matter!) but still made me smile. Cheers Ryan for the link.

Nerf Dart Tag Quick 16 2 pack

This is long overdue- a Dart Tag 2 pack of blasters other than the Sharpshot, here's a Quick 16 2 pack which comes with two blasters, 32 rounds and 2 training jerseys. I personally love this blaster, but there's been a whole lot of talk about the Quick 16 jamming a lot- so I guess you could always just carry the other around as backup:)

Thanks to Phil for the heads up!

YouTube: ikehival: Nerf + Anime = cool yet.. creepy

I'm actually not really sure what to make of this, but our man Jason brought this to my attention:) YouTube channel "Ikehival" who apparently practices the art of Animegao has a whole bunch of videos of him/her demoing a whole bunch of Nerf blasters. I personally have a bit of a phobia of mannequins coming to life, and this comes dangerously close.. but at least it's cute anime girls and Nerf blasters to take the edge off. Check out their channel for more vids:)

ikehival's Channel - YouTube

If this is real.. Nerf need to really drop their PR company..

Several emails and msgs to us this morning have prompted us to post a response to this "promo" spotted on the Nerf Nation Facebook page but only in the uploaded photos area. Personally, I don't think it's the real deal.

If it IS, it's riddled with dodgy all over it and you have to wonder what's going on with Nerf's PR peeps.

Here's the break down.

From a design perspective:
  • The ad uses a poor text layout and is lacking in right justification. 
  • The "Nerf" text at the beginning has an odd font that isn't associated with any of the branding. 
  • The rest of the text is using a bolded arial font which is not easy to read and quite amateurish to look at. 
  • The orange is not an official Nerf branded orange. 

This doesn't look like the work of a professional graphic designer. It could have been done in MS Paint.

From a copy/text perspective:

  • The first sentence is poorly written and makes no sense. 
  • In official promos, Nerf tend to refer to their blasters as the full name "Maverick REV-6" not just 'Maverick'.
  • The "Liking" us uses a capital 'L' and quotes which is off. 
  • What is "march on"?- there's no context behind the use of this term. 
  • The term "tons of.." is rarely used in marketing promo as it can be taken literally and a company can be considered to be misleading the public if they DON'T give away "tons" (by weight) of product.

It's also a very odd way for Nerf to promote something; they normally make an official announcement on the page- which I don't see.

All and all, it's pretty woeful. Just sayin:)

Toy Xplosion-NERF Products Coming this Holiday – Night Vision Goggles, Head Cam & More

Another Urban Taggers mockup. NOT OFFICIAL. Just sayin:P
Coming soon to a Toys R Us near you (if you're in the US), it's announced that Nerf have teamed up with electronics manufacturer Sakar to pop out some very interesting supplementary gear to their blasters. Last year there were things like speaker docks, but this time it looks like they'll be releasing kit that's more relevant to the Nerf brand.

"Specially engineered and molded to resemble the distinctive material loved by generations of NERF fans, the new NERF-branded gear will range from everyday technology accessories to action items designed for imaginative play. "

Highlights include
  • NERF-inspired: Night vision goggles for see-in-the-dark fun
  • A digital helmet cam that can be mounted on either a helmet or bike 
  • A pocket DVR with a preview screen 2.1 and 5.1 MP digital cameras packaged with social networking software 
Other SKUs include a 2GB PC/Mac-compatible flash drive shaped like a mini-NERF blaster, a 2GB digital MP3 player, walkie talkies with up to a 1000-foot range, and a multi-function flashlight.

 More links:

New NERF-Branded Tech Gear From Sakar Set to Blast Off for the Holidays

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bottle Blitz 3 Pack: when..2 isn't enough.

Spotted on the Toys R Us Australia website, you can now buy not one, not two, but THREE Bottle Blitz Super Soakers for 50 bucks. Given the fact I've seen these go for 10-15 bucks each, three for 50 is actually not that good value at all...nor do I understand the logic in THREE of the same blaster in a pack. Both overkill and underwhelming at the same time:)

Still, the Blitz DOES have its fans. 49.95 at Toys R Us:)

Bottle Blitz 3 Pack via Toys R Us

Monday, October 3, 2011

Toys R Us: Sonic Series Longstrike.. Hmmmm

Several months ago, we brought to your attention the amazing box art "concepts" from Nerf's Box design peeps- Indigo Studios. At the time we thought they were just showcasing what they could do, and produced designs for the Sonic Barricade REV-10, Longstrike CS-6, Stampede ECS and the Whiteout Spectre REV-5.

What's interesting is a peruse of Toys R Us in the US has the Longstrike available in Sonic finish for $35 US. What's more interesting is the release of the pics of a Sonic Series Barricade RV-10. That's two of the four "concepts" that have made it to release.. which now makes us wonder..

A sonic series Stampede ECS might ACTUALLY be coming? Or that uber hot Whiteout Spectre REV-5..

Indigo Studios: Packaging Portfolio gives me a happy

Toys R Us: Sonic Longstrike CS-6

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Super Soaker CPS 2100

The Super Soaker CPS 2100 was released in 2002 and was one of the last of the glory days Constant Pressure System soakers to be made. It's considered to be a midsized blaster by Super Soaker CPS standards but it's still pretty large, and with a 2litre tank it's still quite a decent weight. Delighted with receiving a brand new in box unit to test was a mad highlight and we can attest that it's still as awesome as it was back in the day... :)

Nerf Mods & Reviews: Air Zone Quickfire blaster

Looks pretty sweet. Apparently a flywheel clip(oops) belt fed blaster with allegedly pretty decent ranges.  It's going to be a big hit just on it's design and aesthetics alone, don't you reckon? More on it at Nerf Mods + Reviews.

Nerf Mods &Reviews: Air Zone Quickfire blaster

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nerf Mods & Reviews: Nerf N-Strike Jolt EX-1

This probably would have made for a better announcement than the Barricade RV-10 Bumblebee repaint come to think of it. A sleeper single shot new release, spotted at a US KMart- the Jolt EX-1 is a direct plunger mini powerhouse. Here's a vid of some dudes who got 'em:


More news of them on Nerf Mods + Reviews.

Nerf Mods & Reviews: Nerf N-Strike Jolt EX-1: