About UT

Urban Taggers is a blog community that hails from Canberra, Australia and is dedicated to all things to do with toy blasters, be it foam, water, infra-red.. and maybe the odd spitball or marshmallow launcher:)

The idea of Urban Taggers is not to talk about pretend killing. It's not even about pretend guns. No-one in my world pretends to die when they get hit by a dart.. or an infrared beam, or a stream of water. It's about the blasters themselves, it's about the marvel of some toy manufacturer creating this thing that allows a whole bunch of 20-30 something dudes the chance to run around like idiots and pretend they're in a sci-fi movie or video game. In a close quarters, apartment living space:)

I'm a casual collector of toys and so I like to enjoy the true thrill of ripping something out of a box and playing with it. There's a time in most people's lives when they realise they're a grown up and stop playing with toys- I think I was sick the day they taught that in schools, and it's still a tradition to this day (and I thank my very accepting girlfriend for accompanying me!) to visit malls every Friday night and scout for the latest toys and marvelling the back of the boxes for the next best thing. As a child we were very poor and didn't have many toys to play with. This is pretty much backlash from my youth:)

All reviews of blasters are from my own personal collection; I don't review or recommend anything I haven't actually used myself so rest assured that everything is from my own personal experiences and not just based around foam envy:) There are previews of new gear and stuff under the tag of "Random"- they're just related things that I have stumbled across but probably never have any desire to buy.

Most of the information on this blog is out-of-the-box stuff; I personally don't mod my blasters, because.. mechanically I'm a bit of a goober and I don't really know how to:P While I think those who do so are amazing and I'm very impressed by the increase in performance or the fantastic paint jobs they can muster up, I learned at a very early age that I just don't have the knack for putting things back together again and having them work anymore. If anyone wants to do it for me, I'd be happy to accept:)

The Urban Taggers logo was basically a play on the Tom Clancy 'Ghost Recon' game series. The original banner artwork was derived from Eliot Salem from the game 'Army of Two:40th Day'; the current banner is a rework on Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series. (Previous banners were from 'Call of Duty:Black Ops' and Master Chief from 'Halo 3' imagery.) I was a graphic designer in a previous life which is why so many of the imagery on the site is just my overactive imagination coming into play:)

Urban Taggers can only be as good as its readers, so we heartily encourage everyone to participate, comment and discuss toy blasters with us. We don't censor the bad stuff, as long as it's constructive. Remember we're NOT Nerf so bagging the hell out of a blaster doesn't affect us personally:)

So thanks for visiting, and be sure to say hi and comment as you see fit. But remember this is about keeping the inner child in us alive; so enjoy and play on!