Contacting UT

Got something to say? Want some info? How to reach us.
We at Urban Taggers look to get the latest news and information on Nerf, Lazer Tag and Super Soaker out to you as soon as we can and we have various different channels for us to do this. It can get a little confusing as to what is the best way to reach us, so we thought we'd give you a quick run down on what we have on offer and what's the best way to reach us:) : You're on it right now:) This is the mothership of our operations; it's where we post all the information we find, including all the pics, videos and news that come into our lap. We do urge you to come here first and search for information; we've done our best to review as many of the current blasters as we can but we're always improving and revising our earlier reviews so don't be shy to browse through the archives. 

Every post has a "comments" window; the moment you comment, we receive an email to let us know so if it's a question, we do endeavour to get back to you via the blog post within a day or two. It's easier for us to respond if you put a name in- if you're conscious of privacy, just make something up; it's just so we can distinguish you from the other "Anonymous" :)

We don't take too kindly to spam; any posts that feature self promotion for your own site/pages with no relevance to the post will be deleted. Sorry guys, we spent a lot of time building up our readership on our own, we feel you should do the same.

Our Facebook PAGE: The official Urban Taggers Facebook page is where we go to discuss information with our readers. It's where we update our readers on when we update the blog, when we've got a question or some news so for all of you Facebook freaks, this is a good way to discuss things with us, and with our other readers. If we don't get back to you in time, there's a really good chance one of our readers will first, they're a helpful friendly bunch:) Do "Like" us here (or "Like" the actual Blog as well)

Our Facebook PROFILE: this is our Facebook profile, and you would add us as a "friend" if you wanted to mail us directly or wanted us to mail you directly. Posting on our wall is fine, but only one of us checks this and you won't get as many people able to respond to your comments/requests. The profile is mainly set up so we can post to other Facebook pages (e.g the official Nerf page) AS Urban Taggers.

The official NERF Facebook page: Where we can, we try to be active on the official Nerf pages, but it's such a huge page that we can easily get lost in there so while we try to be good Nerf citizens and help out with info where we can, it's generally pretty casual chit chat rather than us providing that much of a benefit. Probably not the best place to contact us if you want a timely response, best to "Like" the Urban Taggers Facebook page and talk to us there.

Our You Tube Channel: Where we post our videos. We're relatively new to the whole "video ourselves" thing, and we get a huge amount of comments (mainly "where did you get *insert blaster here*") but can't always answer them. The videos are mostly posted on You Tube so we can embed them into our blog posts. If you want to comment, please feel free to but we can't get back to you as fast as if you reached us through the Facebook page or the blog. 

Twitter: This is where we mostly post availability of Nerf when we're out and about; but we've linked it TO the our official Urban Taggers Facebook page so all updates to the Twitter will feature on the Facebook page and vice versa:) Twitter ISN'T our favourite medium to communicate to be honest, so again you're better off contacting us through Facebook:)

Email: Wow does anyone email anymore? Our email is urbantaggers at, we rather not place a link on the site so as to get spam bots subscribing us to God knows what. We do check our email regularly though, but given the amount of email we do get, it can get lost so if you find you've not had a response, please don't think we're deliberately ignoring you. Unless you write nasty stuff, in which case, yes we're deliberately ignoring you:)

If you're wanting to affiliate with us, or for us to promote your own blog, drop us a line and we'll consider your request. Please do understand we only link to blogs and sites that we believe are useful to our readers and have original content. We're interested in your unique angle, original photos, videos and/or information and regular posts is always going to get us linking to you faster, rather than just regurgitating existing content from other blogs. It's really not that hard to take your own pics or write your own views.

Hope this helps! Thanks for visiting, and we do appreciate your kind words and feedback.