Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random: Custom Iron Man masks continued

Punisher style paint job
Spotted on the US foam blaster seller dartzmart.com's "Foam in the Fort 2" nerf wars recap..  Nice paintjob:)

Arts + Crafts: 12 shot Maverick-be the fastest gun..and more rounds.

While I myself don't do mods (for purely practical, realistic reasons more than anything else) I am always impressed when someone comes out with a mod that is just FARKIN' COOL. This guy(Dim Daemond) takes it for the win. Awesome.

Random: Clearing out my boxes..

When you put it THAT way.. slightly obsessive..
I did a fair amount of Nerf ordering over the past couple of months, and I finally figured I'd get around to throwing out the boxes I had left lying around...

Rant: Official Nerf Q+A on Tumblr. Answers the questions noone cares about.

Nerf Q+A. Answers the questions noone cares about.
 The official Nerf Tumblr page is supposed to be a Q+A where "You Ask, Nerf answers". It boasts "Almost everything you could know about your favourite brand in one spot" How it works is you have to ask your questions on the official Facebook page, ensuring you've adhered to all the rules they set, and then every week they choose 3 (yes.. a measly THREE) questions they WANT to answer and then post them up on the Q+A.

Call me cynical, but you'd learn more about your "favourite brand" from 2 minutes on Google:)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Review: Nerf N-Strike Spectre REV-5

Nerf Spectre REV-5. Sam Fisher eat your heart out.
The Nerf N-Strike Spectre REV-5 is a new release blaster for 2010- exclusive to Walmart in the US for an October release, but it has been released in Asia with reports from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia already. It has been the one elusive blaster I couldn't get (I even got my hands on a Barricade RV-10!).. until now. With Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid being big fav's of mine (other than Army of Two!) this blaster was hopefully going to satisfy my "sneak attack" tilt:)

Preview: Countdown to the Stampede..

screw the minigun- if Blane had one of these...
The much anticipated new Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS has got everyone in Nerf land practically wetting themselves in excitement in anticipation. 9-9-10 couldn't come any sooner; but for some it already has, with reports of various stores worldwide selling them early to some uber lucky customers. Given this is the flagship blaster of the year, all signs indicate Australia WILL get the Stampede in a similar time frame to everywhere else..give or take a few weeks. Soo.. what do you need to know about it? Let's pretend you know nothing.. cos it allows me to write a phat post:)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Random: I'm not the only one using iron man masks..

Tactical error much?:P
Browsing thru Facebook, I noticed this pic on the official Nerf page courtesy of 'Fish Jiang'. Check out the mask:)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

More on Darts.. secret letters!

KAT. Meow?
It was just brought to my attention from malee_necromancer that streamline darts have different letters on the end of them, and they can affect the performance of the dart itself. Admittedly I got similar results using all three in my Alpha Trooper (K, A, T ) in that I missed 'Greg' with all of them, but I'm interested to hear anyone else's comments on this..(who knew darts could be so fascinating!)

Guide: Nerf Darts; possibly the least interesting and un-sexy post ever.

That's right ladies. Darts. One for each of you.
Did you know I counted eleven different varieties of current range Nerf darts? Egads!

I was browsing online when I came across a site called nerf-darts.com; a page basically on Nerf darts and which ones you should purchase for which blasters. While no doubt this is a valuable resource, I had to wonder what would make anyone want to create a page just on Nerf darts..and leave it as that. Then I realised it was probably for advertising purposes and it all made sense. Still, useful if you're new to the Nerf game and puzzled over which darts go with what.  It doesn't cover some of the aesthetic differences though, so I've got supplementary info after the jump.

Review: Alpha Trooper CS-18 vs Raider CS-35. Here come the drumz

By request, I whipped up a quick video, placing the Alpha Trooper CS-18 vs the Raider CS-35.. up an 8 metre staircase against 'Greg', my gf's dress mannequin:) Excuse my nasal-ness, I've been recovering from Flu all week:(

Friday, August 27, 2010

Review: SuperSoaker Flashflood

Super Soaker Flash Flood. It's Awesome. Really.
The glory days of Super Soaker were in the mid 90's, where air pressure water blaster technology was at an all time high. From the original Super Soaker 50 to the awesome CPS 2000 (pint of water a second with extreme ranges and recoil!), water blasters had never seen such days. Then some thing happened; maybe it was a decline in sales due to global warming, or people just didn't like getting wet anymore, but water blasters went into hibernation and all that were available were stupid giant syringes that were as exciting as tofu.

And then the Flash Flood came out.. and water blasters had meaning again:)

Review: Nerf N-Strike Clear Series

Invisible! Ok not quite..
Nerf's "clear the way for 9-9-10" campaign has involved releasing some of the current N-Strike blasters (The Recon CS-6. Raider CS-35, Nite Finder EX-3, Maverick REV-6 and Deploy CS-6)  range in translucent clear shells.  These are allegedly limited edition versions which may or may not be discontinued soon, but for now they're hugely popular and allowed for Nerf to get another bite of the blaster apple- people (including myself) were willing to go out and purchase another version of the same blaster:) Were there any differences to these five blasters other than looking different?

Arts + Crafts: Nerf Remote Controlled Tank- test your relationship

Vulcan on wheels.. now go order me a Big Mac meal..

Ahh if only my practical/technical ability extended as far as my imagination. Received this from instructables this morning..this guy made a radio controlled turret gun, complete with camera and laser sight. Video after the jump. Oh love...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Video: Barricade RV-10 with Dart Tag Ammo

As requested, more vids on the Barricade RV-10- this time with Dart Tag ammo; shooting down a 6 metre hallway. It's actually quite an accurate blaster- but it depends on how steady your wrist is...

Arts + Crafts: More on my "ballistic masks" project

New mask project. Sorry Iron Man
Working on some new mask projects; my latest idea is trying to fit some amber lenses to the eye holes to provide more protection (from darts and the harsh UV from..er..my..apartment lights). Nerf dart tag glasses are almost a perfect fit, but HO-LY @#$% they are ridiculously difficult to rip apart- I think they're better made than any pair of designer sunglasses I've ever encountered!

Preview: Stampede information (SGNerf)

courtesy of SGNerf.
SGNerf has information on the official release of the Stampede in Singapore. It goes from the 9th to the 13th September, so it looks like the blaster will definitely be release on time (9-9-10) at least in Singapore as well as the US. Ahh. Lucky!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rant: Official release?

"buy one! impress your friends! great at parties"
This is probably the same topic I've been ranting about all thru Urban Taggers, but it's something that seems to fire me up some:P There's always a lot of talk about "official release information". If you go to the Nerf official Facebook page, one of the very strict rules is to not talk of anything "unofficial" by our good friends at Nerf.

If you think about it, then half of the blasters available can't be talked about in Australia. Officially, there IS no Alpha Trooper, no Spectre, no Barrel Break. Actually, there's not even any Deploys, or tactical vests, or camo ammo. Because they're just NOT released here, and there's no say on when they will be. AND.. the fact Magstrikes, Rapid Fires, and even Longshots popped in and out without warning, they're not necessarily "official" either. If we're talking about "official" releases, we don't really have a whole lot to go by.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Review- Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10

The Nerf Barricade RV-10 is the new foam dart blaster in the N-Strike range; however it is currently only available in Taiwan and readily available worldwide. In the past it's hype has been mainly through rumours and product leaks with much speculation and debate over what it can actually do- and how good it does it. No official press releases or launch parties meant the Barricade has been one of the most talked about blasters of the year, but does it really deserve such press?

Nostalgia: My first Nerf blaster. Ever.

NB-1. Pump action, air pressure.. one rocket at a time:)
I was browsing through Orange's Nerf Page when I stumbled across an image of my very first (and at the time, only) Nerf blaster. Bought in the early 90's, I remember my cousin and I strolling to our local Mall one weekend and these "new" blasters were available- I bought the NB-1 and he bought the Slingshot (think he got the Bow and Arrow too eventually)  Ahhh memories:)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Arts + Crafts: More "ballistic masks" on a budget

3 Iron Man masks, a barrel break, swiss army knife and an Ikea rug..
I wrote in this post last month on DIY ballistic masks a-la Army of Two style. Sooo.. since then, I seem to have gotten my hands on some more Iron Man 2 "hero masks" from Toys R Us for $14.99 AUS each. Armed with a few cans of enamel, I've done my first coats.. now it's considering the details.. what to do?

Bruce the NERF arms dealer: Deploy CS-6 order

We've been hit by a lot of emails requesting a variety of different Nerf blasters, and it's come to Bruce's attention that it's too difficult for him to quote on shipping when it all depends on how many we order and locking in definite sales. So.. to make things easier, let's try it this way. In two weeks time, I'll be ordering a a box of 4x Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6's. Prices will be $63 AUS for a regular coloured Deploy, and $67.00 AUS for a clear one plus whatever it costs for me to ship it to you (unless you want to arrange to pick it up in Canberra, ACT) . E-mail me at urbantaggers@gel.com.au if you're interested.

If there is enough demand, I will order two boxes (that's 8x Deploys) but they're only going to be ordered in lots of 4. (I COULD get in a lot of 2 or 3 but the shipping costs will be higher and obviously affect the end price)

Preview: more new blaster info... detailed pics!

"I just want to be left alone to do my thing, you know? No photos!"
It's the blaster everyone's talking about... it uses a flywheel mechanism to fire, it's noisy as hell, and here's some new pics of the new Nerf blaster: it's the N-Strike Barricade RV-10. (Now you know what I know!)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Preview: more new blaster info.. and now.. a video!

More interest in this new unreleased blaster- I admit everything I've heard of it has been speculation and unproven to date, and websites that seem to claim they have it are a lil' iffy with their images all looking the same..taken on the same towel :) Anyway I got emailed this a few days ago (video courtesy of "kevinericon") and it's definitely looking pretty real to me. I'm chasing a few leads around to see if I can get more info on it, but this video is looking the goods so far. (interesting to note- it looks like a flywheel mechanism)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Review: Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6

Nerf's Longstrike CS-6 was touted as the new big boy on the market, rumoured to replace the much loved Longshot CS-6. The blaster uses a more streamlined design and resembles a sniper rifle, complete with an extendable barrel attachment(that makes it the "longest Nerf blaster" ever) and a tactical rail scope. Does size lead to greater performance?

Random: Zombie Kit

Assuming zombies could be taken out by foam + plastic:)
So I was just packing away my latest additions to my Nerf collection and I seem to have inadvertently put together a zombie defence kit. If zombies were real that is. And if they could be taken out with foam and plastic. That's my kit- an Alpha Trooper CS-18, Barrel Break IX-2 and a Nerf baseball bat:)

What would be your weapons of choice?

Friday, August 20, 2010

We're on Twitter!

For the latest on Nerf, Super Soaker and Lazer Tag news including where you can buy your Nerf locally (and I really mean locally, we're talking Canberra, Australia), follow us on twitter @ twitter.com/urbantaggers.

Review: Nerf N-Strike Barrel Break IX-2

Nerf Barrel Break IX-2. You could be mine... oh wait. you are.
With visual cues from sawn off shotguns in any good action flick, the Barrel Break IX-2 is the most original blaster Nerf have brought out for a while. The Barrel Break boasts genuine double barrel firing power, with it having the ability to offload two rounds at the same time. It looks tough..but how good is this hotly anticipated blaster REALLY?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Preview: Clear Deploy CS-6

Clear Deploy with Recon Barrel + Alpha Trooper drum.
On my way to bed but just thought I'd put this up:) Just because it looks sweeeeet:)

Preview: Alternate colour Recon CS-6

Clear + Red Recon CS-6. Same Same but different:)
The Recon is a bit like a supermodel, it looks awesome, is slim and sexy and appears very versatile but inside, there's not a whole lot of depth. That being said, who turns down a supermodel? And therefore in the world of apartment close -contact- role- play- guys- jumping- around- like- idiots (and poor expression!), what could be better? I'll tell you what. Alternate colour schemes (or lack of).

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rant: Getting the good stuff.

Psst. Alpha Trooper. It's what all the cool kids are doing.
Any Nerf online forum will have countless people 1) asking when a certain blaster will be released in their country, and 2) complaining that..a certain blaster has not been released in their country. Even those who live on Nerf ground zero in the US or HK still have this beef, let alone countries like Australia (and New Zealand apparently). It's pretty hard to live in Australia and get your hands on the latest release blasters; and I accept this. What I get more annoyed about though, is having to compete with my fellow Nerf fans for the old stock we DO have.

Review: SuperSoaker Shot Blast

Super Soaker Shot Blast. Itchy trigger finger? Too bad:)
Although I've identified this blaster as the Super Soaker Shot Blast,  it is the first water blaster available in the Australia to be promoted under the Nerf banner; hence officially it is known as the "Nerf Super Soaker Shot Blast". It boasts a range of up to 8 metres which isn't bad for a water blaster and looks pretty sweet to boot.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Preview: Nerf N-Strike Camo Whistler Darts

Nerf Camo whistler darts. "you think I shot him? prove it, where's the bullet?"
Nerf have released a new line of technical camo print darts; these whistler darts as shown above come in packs of 50 and come included with a nice lil' matching pouch.

Soo.. that's probably about  all I can really say about them other than they look cool, AND you're probably gonna lose them if you're taking them outside. What do you expect? They're darts! :)

Preview: Nerf Tactical Vest.. not for those who work out..

46" chest. 17" neck. 33" waist. guess i'll be tactical elsewhere..
I picked up the Nerf Tactical Vest today for a friend, and couldn't resist trying it on... fits "MOST" they say...Ahh.. I guess tactical people are slim. Like 12year olds.. or super models.

Review: Nerf N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18

Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-18. It's Tuff. Really.
Nerf's much anticipated Alpha Trooper CS-18 is an awesome blaster. Coming with it's own 18 round mini drum with it's cues from the Raider, this blaster is light weight yet packs a considerable punch with an impressive array of features for quite the decent price and is rapidly becoming the blaster of choice for many Nerf wars.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Rant: Leaked new product info

I'm sure there are more important issues in the world to take a stand on however:) 
A certain unreleased blaster which is getting a whole lot of net time is often causing issues with Nerf bloggers all over the world- on one hand you want to be the blog who scoops the latest info on the thing you love and are most passionate about; on the other hand you also don't want to upset the hand that feeds you by writing from unofficial sources and giving away possible product info.

Preview: Nerf N-Strike unreleased blaster makes it on Ebay

Nerf's mysterious new N-Strike blaster- yet to be released..
Spotted on ebay this morning was the mysterious much hyped, but unreleased Nerf N-Strike blaster. The listing was posted very quickly without warning, and finished up with several bidders making the seller an offer. In the end, it was gone almost as quick as it was posted, but not quick enough for me to grab the pic of the blaster in box. Is it real? How did the seller get their hands on it? Factory workers? Make of it what you will:)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Preview: Spectre REV-5 released in Singapore..I have foam envy

Nerf Spectre REV-5. Oh how foam gods above, how you taunt me
SGNerf has just announced the new Nerf N-Strike Spectre REV-5 is now available in Singapore. This elusive blaster has to be my most sought after piece, and I.CAN'T.GET.MY.HANDS.ON.ONE. More frustrating is how close it is, first Hong Kong, and then Singapore..

Vulcan EBF-50. Mega. No really. MEGA.

Holy crap! EBF-50. Comes out for promos and runs off mains..and check out the size of dem darts? (Video courtesy of Swagshow via YouTube)

Pricewatch:Target Canberra Centre

Target Canberra Centre has a small shipment of N-Strike Recon CS-6's for $49.95. They've also got the standard Mavericks + Nitefinder's.

Myer Canberra Centre still have 5 Raider CS-35's for $79.95. It's a lil pricey but they are known to price match elsewhere.

(I'm heading to Melbourne this weekend so can't do a full ACT sweep, but will be back on the task next!)

Wazooka: Bring it to a foam war, get laughed at.

Wazooka. Wins the "WTF" award.
Stumbling across this thing on dstore.com.au called the "Wazooka"- The copy text claims "The Wazooka is the ultimate all-in-one fun blaster with the ability to squirt water, launch a stunt plane and fire foam rockets, darts and balls."

Hang on.. stunt plane?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Preview: Nerf N-Strike Clear series- see-thru goodness

Nerf Clear Series: Thanks to SG Nerf for the images
"CLEAR THE WAY FOR THE STAMPEDE" is the tagline and Nerf are taking it literally. They're releasing limited edition 'Clear series" of N-Strike blasters to coincide with the promo for the new 9-9-10 flagship blaster (ie the Stampede ECS); you'll be able to pick up the Nitefinder, Maverick, Recon, Raider and Deploy in new clear plastic (and orange internals) finishes.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Power Popper: Zombies get foam blasters too

As you can see from the 'model' in the above pic, even the undead can use this blaster although to be honest I'm not really sure it's going to give zombies an upper hand. Here we have another alternative foam blaster with an awful name (see "Cosmic Thruster") that shoots balls, ala Nerf Reactor style. The rapid fire "Power Popper" apparently shoots 12 foam balls in succession.

Latestbuy.com.au claims "The faster you pump, the further and faster the balls fly out! Perfect for blowing off some steam in the office when the boss isn't around"

Mmm hmm. Just clean up after yourselves.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pricewatch: Nerf around town 7th August 2010

A Nerf Haul. Where's Wally?:)
My weekend round-up for Nerf products around my neighbourhood toy stores. I work in the city and my partner works in Woden so frequently scout the stores there; Friday nights I normally hit the Westfield Mall in Belconnen and Saturday mornings I do the rounds out at Fyshwick and Brand Depot. Of course that's only a very small number of toy stores compared to the rest of the country, so feel free to send me any info on other locations. All stores below are sellers i've dealt with personally and bought from.
Australian Nerfers in ACT- As of today 8-8-10..

Friday, August 6, 2010

Cosmic Thruster: It shoots balls.

Lanard Cosmic Thruster... it's ALL in the name..
A stroll past my local Big W today had me stumble across this fine piece of foam weaponry...

"Cosmic Thruster". Looks like its in the same league as the Nerf Reactor. I've never been a fan of ball blasters so I put it down. Although..was tempted to get it for the awesome name alone..

DIY Ballistic Shield- Always use protection

Maybe it goes back to my love of Army of Two, but I find really appealing. The guys at Modworks (the mods site of the ever awesome SGNerf) have come up with a very cool DIY ballistic shield using a boot tray and some velcro. Now if I could only FIND one of these boot trays in Australia... Check it out.

Storage crate: picking up your toys has never been cooler

Storage Crate- 350 Litres, stores an entire Nerf collection easily. Or a small child.
Ok, not such an exciting topic, but storage of your arsenal is important to ensure they don't get broken, lost or played with by undesirables (my friends' kids for instance!). Originally I had them stored in those clear tubs you can pick up at Bunnings, but as my collection grew, so did my collection of tubs. They do the job, but they're not really very cool looking. Soo.. imagine my surprise when I strolled into the Reject Shop on a Friday evening and for 50 bucks, I picked up an AWESOME storage crate that stores ALL of my collection and more..

Preview: Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10?

Nerf "Barricade RV-10". So hot it needs a towel
Well there's a lot of talk about a mysterious new Nerf blaster, currently referred to as the "Barricade RV-10" (probably because it's printed on the side of the blaster!). It was spotted on China's taobao.com website which is probably bigger than ebay and is notorious for new product leaks, given it's mostly the factory workers who make the stuff who get their hands on a few to sell. The ones listed atm are probably scams, given they're using the same photo of the Barricade on a bed, so I wouldn't recommend trying to buy them just yet..

Review: Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6

The Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6 is the first (and probably only) piece in the N-Strike range that can boast the unique ability of being able to "transform" into a weird looking flashlight/case thingy. A press of a button on the handle allows for a spring loaded quick change into a beefy looking dart blaster .

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ballistic masks- Cos Army of Two makes masks cool again

Army of Two. Mercs.. who double up as hockey goalies.
When it comes to first/third person shooters, I only every play split screen co-op compatible titles; I just don't enjoy going online to play as part of my fun is having a friend right next to me to yell at, laugh with or to essentially be ridiculed for sucking so bad. Army of Two is probably one of my favourite titles- the awesome escapades of Salem and Rios and their morally questionable decisions while blowing up the world (Or Shanghai, as the second title suggests).

And, while gameplay is all good and well, I really like the customisation of weapons. More so, I like the idea of their ballistic masks. And so.. what else should one do with their time when procrastinating from completing a work report than to.. make one:)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Before there was Nerf..

Vintage Firing Tripod Machine Gun: Vulcan ain't got nuttin!
Wow, from the back pages of 70's comic books.. shoots 10 rounds from a clip based system, with a sight AND tripod..

SupaSplat: paintball for wussies

Started to see these around the stores; I've never been a paintball fan, mainly because it hurts when you get hit and everyone gets a lil' too gung-ho for my liking but these new "SupaSplat" blasters are apparently kid friendly and painless. Around $40 bucks for a single blaster, $70 for two and $25 for extra paintballs. Available online or at most domestic toy stores. Not my thing, but might be yours:)