Thursday, April 26, 2012

Clarifications on this Hasbro Saga...

I was hoping not to post on this issue anymore but I see that some of the Internet reporting is getting a bit distorted- which is something that just happens I guess. While I appreciate the support, to be clear, here are a few clarifications.

1.  To the best of my knowledge - I have not been "sued".  Hasbro's lawyers issued a letter on 21 March with which I complied.  I then voluntarily took the blog down for a month to ensure I had complied with their request - I was not ordered to do so but wanted to on my own.  I have provided Baker & McKenzie with all of the information that I can - the rest of the information that they are seeking, I do not have.

2.  The Baker & McKenzie representatives were not IN my apartment when I got home - they were hanging around outside of my apartment/apartment block.

3.  I have updated my original post to reflect Hasbro's official statement on the issue that was released today and have acknowledged that it is quite possible that this was all an extremely unfortunate, badly handled misunderstanding and possible that there was no malice intended. I have also acknowledged that it is quite possible that Hasbro/its lawyers did not realise how their ordinary/normal investigative techniques would come across to a non-lawyer ordinary person like me.

4.  Although I am very grateful and touched by all of the support from everyone, I have not urged people to boycott Hasbro and its products. It's up to everyone to decide for himself/herself which company's
products to buy and it's not my intention or place to try to influence people.

5. I DON'T look anything like NMA's CGI portrayal of me!! :P

Thanks again all, I really didn't know that my hobby of shooting toy guns and foam darts was going to lead to all of this ...

Planetside 2 inspired Longstrike: Pripyatbeast

Check this out: Stephen Kick is a very clever fella; a character artist by trade, he's also pretty handy offline and has done a very schmick Planetside 2 inspired repaint of a Longstrike CS-6. Unfortunately it doesn't shoot darts anymore due to all of the wiring for the LEDs.. but you can put those in later with Adobe After Effects:P

It's very priddy. More pics available on his site below.

PlanetSide 2 Nanite Systems Nerf Repaint @ Pripyatbeast

Congrats Uncle Neil:D

Just wanting to take the time to wish my good pal Neil from the Canberra + Southern NSW Dart Tag Crew and his new wife Anna a big Urban Taggers congratulations for getting married last week. Neil's been a great friend and a world of support for me since I set up UT so it's awesome to see him happy and honest:) The best wishes for you guys, and may you keep slayin' zombies together till you're well old and grey.. (and then maybe become a zombie..and live forever) :D

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

And now for some lighter subject matter: Max Force Shadowhawk

You're either SWAT.. or you're not. (you're a babe with no pants on)
Ok, soo.. now we're currently back up, I might as well take advantage of it all and get some of the posts I was wanting to publish a month ago:) And what better way to kick it all off than to do the OTHER thing Urban Taggers is known for.. pics of girls with blasters. :D We thought we'd go back and show case some of the mad innovative blasters from last year- so here's the Max Force Shadowhawk- perhaps one of the longest blasters ever made. Max Force made news by making the humble spitwad cool again. (I still have the dried remains all over my apartment ceiling and cupboard doors).

More pics after the jump:)

Not Just a Nerf War about Toy Guns: Crazybear calls it

The Pinpoint Sight. Epic.

Hiya – Pocket here.  Well.. WOW.

To say that I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed is an understatement.  To the messages of support and sympathy from all over the world – a big thank you.  It's actually been a very stressful time for me and your thoughts mean a lot. What I'd really love to do is get back to doing what I enjoy- scouring the web for news, bringing out reviews and basically slamming the community with everything toy blaster that I can find- but I'm still a lil unsure atm till I can get this all sorted.

I've received a lot of moral support from different people since receiving the first letter from Baker & McKenzie.  Even though the post after the jump is pretty long involved and a bit deep (what do you call it, TL;DR !) – I'm going to post it because it's a rather interesting commentary on the whole situation. It's from a reader who calls themselves "crazybear" and they have given me a lot of support these last few weeks.  Crazybear calls it as they see it, so if you've got the time and inclination- it's a great read.

Thanks again folks.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

"Free Stuff" from Hasbro: The story of UT's disappearance

Soo.. guys. Hi. Were back.. briefly.

We've been offline for the month after some "interesting" developments have transpired and I just wanted to keep you all in the loop of what's been happening to me, and essentially Urban Taggers in general. I guess a few of you have been wondering where I've been.  Non-Nerf things have kept me quite busy and to be honest, all has not been good in the world of Nerf and I'm seriously rethinking my fondness for Nerf given recent interactions with Hasbro and their lawyers.

So what went down to force this? Read on for the update.