Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Big Chin Iron Man Mask: Hidden Assassins

Sometimes Facebook advertising works; I saw these masks advertised on the side of my FB screen and was rather impressed. It's no secret I lerrrrv 'ballistic' style masks and what have you, so check out the wares from Hidden Assassins- very cool indeed:D (Not sure why the chin is so big, but I guess real action heroes have big jaws:P)

Hidden Assassins via Facebook

Nerf Nation: Hailfire official image

A better quality image of the upcoming Nerf N-Strike Elite Hailfire. Props to it being innovative and unlike anything we've seen before. It also looks like having more design cues from sci-fi video games than real world guns which I also like. What I don't like is it looks rather unwieldy to use- though I guess we got between now and September to work the forearms for dual wielding:P

 No, I don't have one. Image comes from Nerf's official Facebook page:D

Nerf Nation via Facebook

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Swarmfire 2.0: Blue goes further

 Nerf have re-released a few of their Dart Tag blasters with alleged new performance upgrades and the all important aesthetic upgrade of a blue (rather than orange) trigger/switch accents. We showed you the differences between the old and new Sharpshots, and now we thought we'd go through a similar process with the re-released Swarmfire.  As with the Sharpshot, it's sporting the same shell, as the original blaster, so we'll cut to the chase and say how good is it compared to last year's release?

Well we're happy to say- it's better. :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Youku: N-Strike Elite Retaliator and Rampage vids

Same dude as before, but on Youku here are some vids of the upcoming N-Strike Elite series of blasters- the Retaliator and the Rampage. Again, that's not me, these aren't my vids, our man Jason scoured the internet for them. Have a look.. (connection seems kinda slow for me)

Retaliator vid via Youku
Rampage vid via Youku

Youku: Pyragon performance vid

Found on Youku- a chinese version of youTube, a demo vid of the upcoming Vortex Pyragon. Again, that's not me:P I do love the Pyragon, it looks tough..

Pyragon performance vid via YouKu

Deviant ART:HvZ Custom Pink NERF Rayven by ~MarcWF

Rayven- complete with orange tip. For outdoors safety :D
While I'm not a fan of baby pink, credit where credit is due- this is an understated, but really well done repaint of a Nerf N-Strike Rayven, complete with a little night light and very cute shoulder strap from Deviant ART dude MarcWF.

It almost looks like it should shoot bubbles:D

HVZ Custom pink NERF Rayven via Deviant ART

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mod Works: Nerf Elite Rampage Internals - Quick Preview!

Raider vs Rampage internals..
Looks like SGNerf have got some insight into the upcoming Nerf N-Strike Elite series blasters and more on how they're going to get those proposed 75ft distances. Direct plunger eh? (Again.. these aren't MY pics)

Mod Works: Nerf Elite Rampage Internals - Quick Preview!:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

App Tag: Now available pre-order

We've been loyal followers of the App Tag project- and now it's come to fruition and available for preorder on the revamped site for $49.95 AUS. It's looking pretty sweet, and given we were contributors to the project early on, we should have 4 coming our way, so I am VERY much looking forward to giving them a decent test run sometime soon. Loving the way the blaster design has evolved, though the attachment WILL fit on any toy blaster really which is very cool.

Our man in the know Jon says:
"HEX3 have appointed Australian and many international distributors, so AppTag will be available in all major department stores soonish. We'll also have some killer apps available for Android and iOS when we launch, and I'm visiting E3 in June to show off AppTag."

Pre Order App Tag @

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nerfenstein: Custom Linsanity Scout- MVP in my book:D

I absolutely love Nerfenstein's work; in a very short period of time she's really made a name for herself as a very talented creative prop designer with a very keen eye for detail and some very innovative pieces.  Recently she got word that I am a big fan of the Knicks, but mainly Jeremy Lin, so I was absolutely stoked when I received this very cool and quirky art/sport/blaster mash-up in the mail the other day. The most rewarding thing about Urban Taggers is the relationships we've formed with the toy blaster community and it was just a really really nice surprise to get something so cool that's just for me:D Thanks again Nerfenstein, you do indeed rock:D  

More pics after the jump.

Google is amazing: Someone's (NOT ME!) N-Strike Elite range

Our man Jason was doing some Google searches and whoah, look what he found! There are more images after the jump, and they do look very sweet. Remember, these AREN'T my images... I don't own them, or the blasters in them.

Disclaimer: As mentioned in other posts, I have advised Hasbro that I will not be sourcing any more pre-release guns.  Accordingly, I do not have these guns in my possession, nor I do know where they are or the person who has them - it is entirely possible that these are photos of someone's own promotional products which they were given.  The photos might also have been taken in a country where the items are released or perhaps it's just some person who bought them off ebay or taobao.  I just don't know.  I was directed to these images by people on the Internet who are even better at doing searches than I am and the images can be found on and

Pinpoint Sights arrived: A resolution! (sorta)

So finally! An update from me on the situation. I'll recap and then do a summary at the end. It's not the happy ending a lot of you wanted but it's at least an end to the matter - so that's a relief for me. It's a bit long, but I think it's only fair to give you the full story given how supportive you've all been! Details after the jump.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Review: Nerf Dart Tag Sharpshot- New and improved?

 Last year's revitalised Dart Tag series from Nerf brought several new players to the game, including the single fire Sharp Shot- a fan favourite aesthetically but with very unremarkable (well rubbish) performances.  An interesting move from Nerf is to re-release it with a few minor aesthetic changes (blue rather than orange accents) and allegedly a performance factory upgrade. How much of an improvement? Well we picked one up from our local Target to give it a go. And.. a rare move by us- we cracked it open:D Internal pics after the jump:)