Wednesday, April 25, 2012

And now for some lighter subject matter: Max Force Shadowhawk

You're either SWAT.. or you're not. (you're a babe with no pants on)
Ok, soo.. now we're currently back up, I might as well take advantage of it all and get some of the posts I was wanting to publish a month ago:) And what better way to kick it all off than to do the OTHER thing Urban Taggers is known for.. pics of girls with blasters. :D We thought we'd go back and show case some of the mad innovative blasters from last year- so here's the Max Force Shadowhawk- perhaps one of the longest blasters ever made. Max Force made news by making the humble spitwad cool again. (I still have the dried remains all over my apartment ceiling and cupboard doors).

More pics after the jump:)

"where are my pants? I know I left them here somewhere.."

The Shadowhawk is almost as big as our model..

Neighbours were somewhat startled when they came out their balconies..

"Pull the trigger! Wait.. there is no trigger. damn."
 I know. It's a lil gratuitous. But nice, I think:D


  1. Protecting the home from the second wave of the Goon Squad? Good call. Sniping from the balcony without pants? Even better.

    1. Pants... What ever happened to going commando in robes?

  2. as posted previously on this great blog site those max force are very accurate refer to article of a couple of kids sniping a pair of vandals at night from there bedroom window. article name
    Max Force Vigilante justice?:) july 7 2011

  3. no more zombie mode lets play Hasbros goons and thugs mode.

  4. Oh heck ye....Wait a minute....MOM?!?!

  5. ahh no pants sorry there is a gun in the picture?

  6. hehehe...a little bit like my daydreaming about an ideal world...hope the sniper has some bikini komandos with nitrons or something to support her