Friday, December 14, 2012

Tactical Tag: N-Strike Elite RoughCut 2x4 and Stryfe Reviews

It's going to be a while till we Aussies get the new N-Strike Elite gear, but at least for now we can drool over the pics and videos produced from the other side of the pond. Our man Mike from Tactical Tag has picked up pretty much all of them, and has started the review process. Check out the vids after the jump, or hit up Tactical Tag for more info:)

Tactical Tag: N-Strike Elite RoughCut 2x4 Review
Tactical Tag: N-Strike Elite Stryfe Review


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    1. Apparently, you cared enough to respond to it.

  2. I'm sorry if this comment has little to do with the subject matter at hand, but it's been bugging me ever since I read about it. I'm sure you are all aware of the events that occurred in Newton, Connecticut. Our hearts go out to those affected by the tragedy and we offer our sympathies to them, especially the lost. In addition to this tragedy, while some may argue about the validity of firearm restrictions in relation to this event, I'm curious as to how events like these affect communities like these, simple Nerfers who enjoy active projectile sports. I'm worried that, based on the intensity of the events in Newton, hobbies such as Nerfing will be looked down upon and ignored in the long run. I would appreciate any thoughts and insights concerning this issue, thank you.

  3. Very unimpressed with the Stryfe. Picked it up along with the original Rayven last week and the Rayven out performs it all around. Less jams, better battery life, more efficient motor.

  4. I picked up a Stryfe and a Retaliator last night. I immediately moved all of the accessories from the Retaliator over to the Stryfe, and realized that this is how the Stryfe should have been in the first place! Awesome blaster.

  5. It's been over a week now & no new articles. Did the Nerf goon squad pay Pocket a Christmas visit or something?

  6. Have you retired? Where are the articles?