Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Combustible Props: Warhammer Bolt Pistol

Local boy Chris Wolfe has some serious skillz:) He's an admin of Neil's Canberra and Southern NSW Dart Tag crew; he's one of the mad scientists at the local hackerspace  and he takes the helm of "Combustable Props". One of his latest projects was this Warhammer inspired bolt pistol and I'm thinking it's pretty damn schmick indeed.

We've got some more insight into the project, thanks to Mr Wolfe himself- check out the specs after the jump!

Bolt pistol. This project was actually a break from my other more time consuming ones (Pulse Rifle/Stampede conversion among them) as it was pretty straight forward. Its all angles and blocky shapes.

 The first step was to trace out the size of the donor nerf blaster. I used a recon as it was a much better shape and i had one spare hehe. Then trace the outline of the Bolt pistol over it, which would then become the template.

 I also decided to make it cock from the rear as this has both the Orange Mod Works kits in it so the cocking force would break anything else. Then fast forward past all the cutting of 6mm MDF and measuring etc to a very low detail blank blaster box At this point i realised i couldn't reach the clip release, so i created one.

One of the final finishing steps was to use sheet styrene for the smaller details like the ridges at the bottom of the clip, the sides and the edging of the blaster body.

The Imperial Eagle crest, which a friend cut on his laser cutter, was then painted in a very high quality gold paint and clear coat.

I then used Epoxy sculpt to fill in the bits that i wanted smooth, the rear of the handle and sculpt the 'wax' seal.
The hard part was the paint! I wanted a certain finish that looked like paint had cracked and been blasted off showing the 'plas-steel' underneath. So after sanding and priming i followed the following steps:

1) Painted two coats of silver.
2) Painted two coats of satin clear coat.
3) Masked off the top of the blaster (which was going to be painted red).
4) Added mustard (which was a bad idea as it stained the silver.. I used tomato sauce later which worked but i would use blutack for any future projects) to the edges of the blaster where i wanted silver to show through.
5) Painted two coats of matte black.
6) Peeled the bubbles of paint off to see the silver and cleaned. Removed masking.
7) Masked off the black body.
Added tomato sauce to the edges like in step 3.
9) Painted two coats of gloss cherry red.
10) Peeled the bubbles of paint off and cleaned.
11) Weathered with black, dark red and silver and a light blue for the barrel.
12) Painted two coats of satin clear coat.

So all up days of painting!

The final steps were to paint the wax seal (two coats of primer, two coats of cherry red and two coats of gloss clear coat) and create some fake Latin 40k quotes for the purity seal.

And finished! Total build time: 3 months.

If you have any questions please check out my facebook page "Combustible Props".



  1. That is a thing of beauty, the detail in it is just fantastic and what a great write-up.

    Amazing work Chris!

  2. Beautiful! Are you accepting apprenticeships? ;3

  3. I'd rather win that for the contest! :P

  4. that is f ing awesome

  5. im sorry if i offend anyone but why do you like it so much what i think of it is that it looks boring and its design because it looks all boxy

  6. It's a replica of a weapon from the Warhammer 40,000 universe. http://www.games-workshop.com Check it out here. Rather expensive, but pretty damned cool table top game system.

  7. I love everything about it, but my question is, is it still functional? As cool as a lot of guns I see are, when people take out the functionality of the gun, there goes a part of the gun that, I think, holds a lot of value for people. Something that cool will sell. Something that cool that still works sells better. If you managed to get it to look like that and still work like a nerf gun should, then a tip of my hat to you sir.

  8. its a replica space marine pistol from warhammer 40k and its sick. awesome mod job bro

  9. Oh wow, it won the Nerf Springer comp from Oznerf!
    To say im stocked is an understatement! :)


    @Neo Creations, Yep its totally still usable (I cant make something from a nerf blaster and have it as a statick prop). I added the Orange mod work kits to it and its cocked from the rear with the little grip.