Sunday, December 11, 2011

New X-Shot blasters

X-Shot Vigilante. Pump action double barrel.. and looks tough too:)
I always found Zuru's X-Shot line to be the dark horse of the toy blaster world. They came out of nowhere and originally their selling point was dual water and foam dart all in one blasters, initially bringing out an awesome side arm with the Stealth, an absolute rubbish Thundershot, an okay Sidewinder. 

Then they ditched the whole water thing, and released the pretty damn cool Turbo Fire which actually made it on our favourite blasters list of 2011. So we're pretty intrigued by the new blasters they're promoting on the official website which just look the bomb and if the Turbo Fire was any indication, should be pretty well priced.
X-Shot Xcess. Basically taken its cues of a modded 12 round Maverick
X-Shot Stalker. Cos Bows are so chic these days:)


  1. what is the best stock nerf gun of all time?

  2. Anonymous,

    The Alpha Trooper and the Buzz Bee Double Shot.