Monday, December 12, 2011

The 2011 Urban Taggers Christmas Giveaway!

UT Santa keeps the AT on him at all times. He's not giving THAT away:D
Jingle Jingle, Christmas is coming- 12 days to go exactly, so what better time to throw ourselves in to the Christmas cheer and start giving away some pretty mad stuff?  More after the jump- and you're not gonna wanna miss this..Yup, to our international friends, this goes to you too:)

Wow it's been a massive 12 months for us here at UT- So many cool blasters have come out; we've had the release of new Nerf Dart Tag and Super Soaker lines, new players in Max Force and X-Shot, a revitalised Air Zone line, some of the best N-Strike repaints as well as a new Laser Tag system with Wow Wee's Lightstrike and then some! That's a BIG year.

On a personal front though, while I haven't wanted to be too much of a sad sack on this blog I have to admit it's been filled with many emotional lows. I lost my dear Dad to cancer a few days before Christmas last year, my mum was hospitalised for over a quarter of the year with mental illness, and I went through the massive highs and lows of both getting engaged and then breaking up with my partner of 7 years. While I've been rather recluse over the past month, on the whole I've enjoyed my time working on Urban Taggers as it gives me an outlet away from those things I have no control over; I've also really enjoyed meeting new peeps in the toy blaster community, both locally and overseas. It's 12 days till Christmas, and I think it's a good time to reflect on the year we've had and to also remember the true spirit of the festive season; that spreading cheer and goodwill to our fellow peeps.

And sooo.. this year's Urban Taggers Christmas Giveaway is going to be just that; I want to do something that's really.. well going to be all about making each other happy and looking out for your fellow taggers:) For this particular season, we're taking the role of Santa and what we want is to see some really nice examples of the toy blaster community doing really nice things for others. Make your claim to Santa by proving you've been good this year- Send us a letter, a photo, a video or some other way of how your love of Urban Taggers and toy blasters spreads goodwill to the world.

Examples could be putting Nerf blaster presents under the giving tree for disadvantaged children. You could write us a letter about how important your family Nerf wars are, or how you helped fix your neighbour's Longshot. Maybe send us a photo of you with your grandparents holding a Super Soaker, or rally your family and friends together for some blaster related project. Honestly, I really don't mind what you do, as long as it addresses the statement and shows we as a community as genuinely good folk who care for others, contrary to the way mainstream media continues to attempt to portray us as gun happy violent psychos:) Make it special and heartfelt and prove you've been a good Urban Taggers boy/girl this year! Yes, Santa's judging you!!!

What's up for grabs? Well the "real" Santa's got nothing on us:D We've gotten together some amazing kit that you're going you love. Wait for it... ok here it is..

Although after Nerfenstein finishes with it.. it's gonna look a whole lot different..
 First prize- We are giving away our own Nerf Rayven CS-18 blaster, with the 18 round Firefly tech light up clip AND 18 glow in the dark streamlines! And, if that's not exciting enough for you, we've commissioned Australia's own Nerfenstein to perform some VERY cool aesthetic mods to the blaster, making the Rayven a VERY unique one-of-a-kind limited edition blaster. For those of you who have been hiding under a rock all this time, Nerfenstein has very quickly gained a reputation for providing very innovative aesthetic mods that has made her featured on some of the biggest tech and pop culture blogs worldwide. Check out her work here, but we can tell you now that this Rayven CS-18 is going to be damn hard for us to part with!!
10 round motorised goodness: Speedwarm
 Second Prize- We've got a new-in-box Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm; 10 rounds of motorised dart tag bliss. A more compact version of the much acclaimed Swarmfire, you can be one of the first people in Australia to own one of these.

Power in your hands.. Orange Mod Works kit up for grabs
Third Prize- your choice of an Orange Mod Works Stage One kit of an Alpha Trooper, Raider, Recon or Longstrike kit. Orange Modworks are well known as being the premier after market parts for Nerf N-Strike blasters and these kits are so simple even I can install them... I think:P

NOW.. the dark horse prize: If you HAVEN'T been nice, we're offering you a way to redeem yourself by confessing how NAUGHTY you've been with your Toy blaster. 'fess up to Santa and send us a confession letter, photo or video with a toy blaster related depiction of how bad you were and how terribly sorry you are:) We'll be giving away... a secret bad boy/girl prize for the Urban Taggers naughtiest tagger. Remember we see naughty as being fun and playful still, so any violent or nasty acts are gonna be disqualified straight away. We're not condoning naughty (ok maybe a bit), we're just wanting to be entertained:D Santa will send you.. whatever it is Santa wants to send to naughty taggers:)

Santa doesn't like fence sitters- you're either naughty or nice this year kiddies, so make your case for the prizes over the next 12 days of Christmas.

Contest finishes on 12am Christmas Morning (Australian Eastern Standard Time), with winners to be announced before the New Year. Send your entries to with the subject header "Naughty" or "Nice". Remember we reserve the right to post some of the entries on our Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the Urban Taggers blog itself.

 You can only enter once, so make it count. The big news people- this giveaway is WORLDWIDE. We're going to loosen our purse strings and cover the shipping costs. Thats right folks.. we want as many entries as possible, from ALL over the world.

 Get cracking peeps and good luck!


  1. i really want to get the speed swarm because it looks cool

  2. That's a really good contest idea! I'm definately going to enter!

  3. Well then, I suppose I had better get my "A Game" on and get rolling on this! What a great contest, UT!

  4. It's amazing how upbeat you are. Take care buddy, it's just the year :)

  5. I saved a crossbow from the clutches of evil America, does that count?

  6. Entry away! Hope you guys enjoy it if nothing else! I had fun getting this video ready!

  7. I am definitely entering! Your generosity is a breath of fresh air. Long life the nerf community!

  8. well what did you think santa does with the naughty children..... he shoots them with his OMW nerf alpha trooper

  9. How much do I want the Rayven? I would take an arrow to the knee for it!

  10. You guys are really Nice

  11. where do i send it to???

  12. wait, so where to i mail the letter to?

  13. I personally enjoy clubbing baby seals, and punching old woman in the face in my spare time... So, where may I claim my prize?

  14. when will the winners be announced?