Thursday, October 18, 2012

N-Strike Elite Hailfire- orange vs grey trigger

Following the previous post about the differences with the orange trigger and the grey trigger Retaliator, just a quick word that the difference between the orange trigger and grey trigger Hailfires is looking like the amount of juice powering the motors in the grey triggers- almost like some sort of limiter (I'm no electrical whiz here so apologies for the stupid speak!) stopping the motors from getting too excited. As one of the fellas said "it(the grey trigger Hailfire) just sounds sad". That being said, it was still consistent in accurately hitting the 10-12m ranges flat.

When Neil did do a voltage mod to the grey trigger Hailfire with some Trustfire batteries, everything got a whole lot more lively and exciting again. Difference between the orange and grey trigger Hailfires became rather negligible.

So, if you are a voltage modder, it's much the muchness really. And that's good news:)

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  1. I'm guessing that there's just an extra resistor in there. A flywheel blaster with a potentiometer to adjust power seems like a useful thing to have...