Thursday, October 25, 2012

N-Strike Elite Stockade: Orange vs Grey trigger

The N-Strike Elite Stockade is now available on Australian shelves (well Toys R Us shelves for now) sporting the grey trigger meaning it has been slightly detuned for our stricter safety laws. Soo, in the name of research, I picked up an orange trigger unit from the UK to test out the differences between the two. We've already discussed the differences with the Retaliator and Hailfire, but I figured this one might be a lil' different, given it's come from the UK and not the US.

Bottom line, yes, head to head you can hear the motors of the UK model sound a lil' more powerful and in turn, I'd suggest it's the same as the Hailfire comparison we did last week- the orange trigger unit is going to be a lil more consistent with hitting the further ranges out of the box.

That being said, 1) indoor battle in my apartment, the difference is negligible at best, 2) if you're a voltage modder that'll just negate any difference right there. I can't see it being worth it to import one and pay the ridiculous shipping costs just to have that extra lil bit of kick. Up to you of course:D


  1. Damn. I haven't had an oppurtunity as yet to look around for any Elite blasters in my local stores. Good thing I already picked up the orange trigger Rampage a couple of months ago off Amazon...
    I think that the Retaliator would be a good blaster for integration with a larger blaster such as a Longshot, considering it size and power.

  2. Wow, Pocket, wow. Ever since I posted the comment about trigger colours on your Stockade review, I can't believe I started this whole new topic.

  3. @Jeremyb I think a better integration would be a minimized Stockade, since it doesn't need to be primed like the Retaliator, and since integrating it wouldn't affect its usability.

  4. Hailfire spotted in parramatta today, can't remember if it was Kmart or target but also Myers have them.

  5. The only remaining question regarding these flywheel guns, and in my mind a question more important than whether the guns are detuned for these markets, is HOW they were detuned.

    For some reason, it strikes me as improbable that there are two different winds of the Stockade motor and the Hailfire motor in production, one revving slightly slower than the other so as to nerf muzzle velocity slightly in markets where that is required. I wouldn't be surprised if the motors are the exact same wind with the same Kv between variants, but there is a big low-value resistor snuck into the harness somewhere on the Aus guns, or some other such crude method for throttling these motors.

    I know UT is not into modding and is often reluctant to open guns, but being that you guys are the only nerf blog I know of that has access to the detuned grey trigger models, I suggest you crack both variants of Stockade and Hailfire open and show us what's going on.

    1. try Oznerf, they have the australian versions too