Monday, October 15, 2012

Rumours: Another look at the Super Soaker Arctic Shock

Spotted on a German website 'Tamayk' is the upcoming Super Soaker 'Arctic Shock'.  For those of you who don't follow water guns, the original Arctic Shock came out the early part of the decade and was basically an air pressure water gun that had an ice core functionality that allowed you to.. well shoot freezing cold water at your targets. It looked like this:

The new version looks like it's got a large drum that presumably pays homage to this by also having some freezable compartment. While the new Arctic Shock LOOKS cool, it's not looking like it features a trigger, thereby condemning it to piston based water gun woefulness. And that's just not cool. 

Thanks to Lamlamo for the lead!


  1. Seems to me like another play on words, like the super soaker lightning storm, in that they are going more for a type of element thing, rather than a function. Embarrassing innuendo n all aside, I'm really digging the amount of new drum style mag accessories lately.

    great post as always!

  2. It's crazy that info on these guns are leaking so early. It looks pretty cool... but am I the only one who thinks it's pathetic that these new guns shoot 25 ft? Super Soaker put these and the battery type waterguns out of business for a reason. I hope they get their #### together or Buzz Bee Toys' Water Warriors line puts them out of business. Thanks for posting!

  3. What ever happened to XP and CPS. Something clicked in Hasbro's head and they decided no trigger is more fun. Sure it really speeds up the firing but you lose too much power for it to be any good. Plus this thing looks like it weighs a ton with a full load.

  4. Truth be told, it's my opinion that piston powered water guns tend to be able to throw a greater amount of water and a further distance. So it's not totally a bad thing.