Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Basic Nerf: Breaking down the Vortex Preview Video

Whoooo..... priddy....

I haven't had time to do it myself, but there's been a lot of analysis and discussions on the new Nerf Vortex series sneak peak vid that was posted yesterday. Basic Nerf have done a pretty incredible write up on it, so do check it out.. it's muchas informative:)

Breaking down the Vortex Preview Video (Basic Nerf Article) « Basic Nerfing


  1. I know full well that the colouring for these guns could very well be just for prototyping, but they look awful! The mechanics behind them looks great, but I can't like it while it looks like a painting mishap.

    Also, it fires discs?! I've got some old foam blasters from the 1980's and they fire discs, but every newer blaster uses darts. What is wrong with just using darts like the N-Strike line?

    I really do feel like this isn't the best path for Hasbro to go down. I know that there is a lot of time between now and September and a lot could change, but if I saw that on the shelf at Toys 'R' Us, I would NOT pick it up.

  2. My thoughts are that those Vortex guns are the enemies of N-Strike,that's what people are talking bout.I noticed the guns are modified N-Strike guns made to fire disk,the picture above is a Maverick,The one they use to do the demo firing is a Recon and the one with the handle is a Stampede.Designs are similar but Vortex is made to fire disk

  3. Notice on the one using the recon stock, there is no plunger guard in the back like recon/raider/alpha has

  4. I think that the Vortex series is more of a compliment to existing N-Strike/Dart Tag players, and also aimed at the untapped market.

    The average parent may have an issue with the darts knocking things over inside the house, but the foam discs seem inherently safer.

    I think the Nerf's dart guns are saturating the limited market, where some guns have similar specs to others in the range, and hence competing with itself.

    The new Dart Tag guns are a nice addition though, as they have the innovative reload-on-the-fly system, which differentiates it from the clip system series.