Saturday, April 9, 2011

Urban Taggers + Nerf Mods + Reviews: continued..

packed and ready to go...
And.. arrived in their new home- speaka no Americano?:P
So you'll recall a few weeks ago we sent over some X-Shot blasters over to Nerf Mods + Reviews HQ to see just what they can do with them. Well, we've gotten word that they've made it across the world and arrived safely.. so lets see what Jerm has in store.. :) Watch this space (or theirs!)


  1. the nerf blogs are ending

  2. wat do u mean the nerf blogs r ending?????????????????

  3. Wow, Anonymous #1. That is the most random and confusingly incomplete comment I have read all day. Care to expand on that a little?

  4. anon 1,

    care to elaborate?