Thursday, April 14, 2011

Amazon delivers! Swarmfire + Quick 16 Pic Spam

Whoo hoo, look what arrived in the mail today. My final shipment arrived.. not bad at all. Of course, we've already got these blasters, so we're just showing the boxes:) More pics after the jump:)


I am a fan of the packaging, most inviting indeed:)


  1. Very nice, Pocket. I am assuming that these are the "accidental" blasters you had to explain to your girlfriend? Well, you can never have enough Nerf guns!

  2. Correction though Bluefire, his fiance now. :)

  3. Yes, a diamond ring is a great distraction whilst you get a Nerf shipment in!

    By the way, for informational purposes, I live in Sydney and ordered a Swarmfire from Amazon last Thursday, it arrived on Monday. Highly impressed with the delivery times! And the price was great too, given the strength of the dollar it probably works out cheaper than what it will cost when it is eventually released here!

  4. jerm modded your xshot guns


  5. Speaking of Dart Tag, I'm wondering why Nerf isn't making a bluetip dart refill. I mean, you lose one dart, and then you're just firing a mix of colors. And that most certainly does not look professional. Pocket, if you hear anything, please post something. Thanks!

    --That One Dude--

  6. Hey Pocket- you know you should really make an arsenal video/post, with actually visual representation of your collection- I'm sure it would be seriously impressive!

  7. Hi Pocket,
    Just wondering how much that Quick 16 costs off Amazon, postage included, in $AUD.