Sunday, September 23, 2012

Semi-Automatic Nerf Nitron Mod: Instructables

I've always wondered about the size of a Vortex Nitron and whether or not you could chop that down some; the above mod now makes it happen by converting it into a semi automatic unit. Looks pretty tough too:) More details and how it was done on the link below:)

Semi-Automatic Nerf Nitron Mod via Instructables


  1. this how the nitron should have been from the beginning.

    1. HA! I lol'd
      Im gonna be honest here, I think it was ruined, yes it looks really cool but its essentially ruined. It wont be able to compete with even a Pyragron, I currently own 2 nitron's and after finally figuring out the wiring and removing the circuit board on the rear motor I've gotten it firing wicked fast, faster than a semi-auto mind you, they are now classified as battle-rifles due to there not being a semi-auto mode, just 2 Disk burst and Full-auto. There Running off of 24v of AA POWA! once I get the prototype clips operational I'll finally throw it up on the youtubes.

      ~Boom from HvZ forums

  2. I have some custom nerd mods I am trying to unload for Halloween. Where here could I post them if not where on the internet to get some attention? Anyone?