Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Urban Taggers vs Basic Nerf BOOM!

Someone's getting this gear- cos I don't wanna have to take it home:)
My yearly visit to the US has me planted in California this time- I had plans to do a whole lot more roaming and massive apologies to Bazookafied of Tactical Tag for not being able to make it to Nebraska for some laser tag goodness- logistics just said "No" :(

Instead, tomorrow night (11 September 2012) Australian's all let us rejoice for we are... going head to head with our good friends at Basic Nerf right here in Los Angeles- well apparently in a town called El Monte, and as poetic as this is going to be, we're battling it out in a church. Thank god I have a car and a GPS because I have no idea where that is (still getting used to driving on the other side of the road you crazy Americans!)

I came to the US obviously unarmed, but just picked myself up some brand new gear today that I shall be giving away to someone tomorrow night at the end of the game. Want my new N-Strike Elite Rampage? How about the shirt off my back? (ok I won't be wearing it, it's a new one but it sounds better this way) well come to El Monte tomorrow night and come take it off me!

PS:- I say 'vs' but really I hope not because anyone who knows me knows.. I don't do Nerf wars..ever. I'd get absolutely slaughtered if that was the case..actually I'm going to get slaughtered in ANY case:P Dammit Neil, if only I'd listened to you...:P

More details including address and start times at Basic Nerf (see link below)

Hope to see you there!

Urban Taggers & Basic Nerf El Monte, CA Indoor Nerf War « Basic Nerf:


  1. Woah.... Haven't heard that song in like, 4 years.... Good stuff though :D Wish I was closer, my fully automatic blowgun would take ya'll down.

  2. We'll get you here next time. Have fun in LA!