Saturday, February 9, 2013

MyLastDart: Hasbro conference news part 1

My Last Dart has grown rapidly over the past few months as a very good source of news for Nerf related stuff. They've been able to reveal much of Hasbro's plans for Nerf for the new year- especially regarding the new Nerf 'Rebelle' line. Collectable darts?:P Check out all the news on their blog.

MyLastDart: Hasbro conference news part 1:


  1. Is it bad that, despite the colors, the crossbow and pistol look awesome to me?

  2. If that Heartbreaker and Crossbow do indeed get the same ranges as Elite blasters and are compatible with Elite darts, I'm picking them up as soon as they hit shelves.

    1. Berkut99 - initially they only shot a max of -40 feet, but once the girls played with Elite blasters, they demanded that the Rebelle line shadow performance of N-Strike Elite. The collectibles are indeed Elite grade darts, in various color.

    2. Very nice. I assume that's good for the Crossbow too.

      Well, they're on the list then.