Monday, February 4, 2013

Nerf Barrel Break IX-2: How Elite are you REALLY?

Well this was a lil out of nowhere- while the official line from Nerf is that N-Strike has been discontinued, we continue to see odd numbers like this- the N-Strike Barrel Break IX-2 is to be re-released in Elite colours but no sign of Elite performance. I mean it LOOKS cool (I'm a fan of the Elite blue) but no changes to the internals and the N-Strike logo still prominent suggests this IS just a repaint and contradictory to Nerf's official statement of N-Strike being discontinued!
In what seems even weirder, Nerf also continue with their apparent "these days people don't want attachments" trend and this new Barrel break seems to be sans dart holder- which in my view was one of the most useful accessories ever. I'm hoping to be wrong, but the box art has no ammo holder, there's no wording of it on the product description. If you have a look at the original artwork:

Will other N-Strike blasters get the same treatment? Will we see a Elite coloured Spectre without the stock and barrel attachment? Hmmmm....

The 'new' Barrel Break is available for preorder at Toys R Us (US)


  1. I believe they are sexing up n-strike for territories already who are in position to phase out the old yellow stuff. We can expect the spectre in elite paint job.

    Cant comment on the lack of accessories right now.

  2. But the Stampede didn't have the grip on the front box art. So there's still an ever so small glimmer of hope.

  3. If Elite Alpha trooper comes with 12 darts clip instead of 18 drum clip, it won't be surprise the elite Barrel break would lose ammo holder... unfortunately.

  4. I really hope they start making a bunch more attachments. I mean, kids would want them. Playing CoD and Battlefield and stuff. They know all about all the attachments, and how they're all useful in different scenarios and such. The problem was that before, they sold the cool ones individually, but few would want to buy them like that, or notice. They gotta include them with the blasters, and make kids want to get all the blasters (which they would have anyway), but all the more incentive to get all the attachments too! 'I don't really want the Rampage, but that Pinpoint Sight is awesome!'.

  5. I think the stores want to keep their store exclusive Nerf blasters and/or Nerf is under contract to make store exclusive blasters and that's why we're seeing the alpha trooper and barrel break in elite colors. I suspect the Spectre isn't far behind.

  6. Sorry, but indeed the dart holder is not there. They've already shown up at a toys R us in SW Virginia and it doesn't mention it anywhere on the box (front, back, sides).

  7. Spectre's probably going to keep the stock and barrel attachment; IMHO that's the only thing that made it worth buying over a Maverick, and even with Elite ranges it'd be much harder to sell without attachments now that the Strongarm is out.

  8. Well the only thing that can point towards an ammo holder is the ammount of darts included.

    Generally a Blaster only comes with the max it can carry (Save for small single shot blasters that often come with two extras)
    On the box it reads that there are 10 darts included, take away two that would go into the barrel ... that leaves eight right?
    Guess how much darts fit on the ammo holder...

    Yeah its a shot in the dark, but who knows.

  9. I find this to be incredibly cheap in 2 respects. The first being that the dart holder for the tac rail is one of the most useful and simple accessories Nerf has ever made. Honestly, it's the reason I like the Barrel Break. The second is how bland the "Elite" paintjob is on it. It's almost entirely blue with a white stripe. There's no other details outside of that to make it look halfway interesting. It's just boring.

    In short: this blaster fails.

  10. Is it me or does the "Elite" Barrel Break featured look wrong?
    It's as if Hasbro weren't even trying aesthetics wise or someone's been photo-shop trolling the Nerf community.
    Either way, why bother upgrading the Barrel Break? The Rough Cut is the slam fire, higher dart capacity successor to the Barrel Break and is brand new; hence people want to buy it.
    Maverick was upgraded to Strongarm, Nitefinder to Firestrike and heck, the Retaliator got new (and slightly more useful) attachments and upgrades over the Recon! My point, Elite is the successor line and besides a range increase; the Barrel Break can't be upgraded. It will always be the cool loading, awkward rate of fire blaster that people like myself get so we can claim that we have a Nerf shotgun.
    I also agree with Anonymous that Nerf is under contract to produce exclusive blasters and maybe Hasbro are just pouring different coloured plastics into the moulds...


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  13. The only reason I ever considered a Barrel Break on sale was the dart holder. In the end I decided it just wasn't worth buying a blaster just to get a small accessory. I feel the same about the Stockade. I want the stock, but not the blaster itself so Nerf loses another sale. Maybe other people buy blasters to get the accessories, but I'd rather buy the blasters I want and accessories I want a la carte.

  14. So this thing doesn't have the 75ft elite ranges?

  15. No dart holder, no point - the original wasn't a bad gun but without the accessory, I never would have bought the thing. Unless they soup this up to Elite ranges or add the dart holder, this rates a pass in my book.

  16. That is stupid to be dart holder-less. it is useless and honestly I wish they would sell more accessories separate from the blasters like scopes and stuff.

  17. From the reviews I've seen it does not come with the rail attachment. However you can just get one online or from your older one.

  18. The barrel break was good, the repaint was good. But a actual elite barrel break would be awesome! I'm looking into the roughcut. It has slam fire and stuff. It's also barrel intellegince... (If you know what that means).

    My fav gun: deploy