Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nerf Roughcut/Diatron commercial

The simultaneous two round shooting is the main focus for this ad, as it's the first time I can think of where a dart blaster and a disc blaster are advertised together:) Diatron and the Roughcut. Coming to your TV screens soon (if not already). Cheers Jason for the heads up!


  1. only noobs say that :)

  2. I'm an avid nerfer. For xmas I received the Hail-Fire, and although it may be awkward to hold at some times, I'm loving the new ranges. I'm interested in a few but I'm wondering which I should get first.

    Retaliator - $20 - I want the attachments and was a fan of the old Recon.
    Rampage - $25 - My highest capacity is the 18 round AT drum (and clips), and although I love my Alpha Trooper I'm not impressed by its 12 round clip. I also thought the Raider drum was too big and like a 25 shot.
    Elite Rayven - $35 - LOVE semi-auto blasters
    Rough Cut 2x4 - $18 - Always wanted a shotgun-style blaster, but never got to own the Barrel Break.

    I haven't ever gotten to try these new elites, so I've been going just by reviews. Which do you think is A) the most fun B) the best in a war, and C) the best value?
    Also, any idea of ranges on these?

    1. A)rough cut
      B)elite raven

      IMO the new elite raven with it's updated ranges is the best among the few. Rough cut is still fun though.

  3. I'd say if you had an AT either wait until the elite AT hits the shelves in a month or two but if your strapped for a blaster get the rampage as it is the closest available thing to what you have. If money isn't an issue or you have time to save up/buy peicemail you could get a Stryfe, Rampage for the drum & a Retaliator for the attachments & have some fun. Have to admit I got sick of waiting on attachments so bought a real red dot scope for the top.

  4. The most funis probably the rough cut. mainly because it should still at the same time but the best in a war I'm going to say is the retaliator I personally like it the best of the elite blasters Mines decked out and everything. So if you ask meI think the retaliated is the best value 1 for the attachments 2 for the modding capability