Thursday, March 21, 2013

MyLastDart: 2013 Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper review (/w internals)

My mate Ash from My Last Dart in the UK has got his hands on the new Elite Series release of the much loved Alpha Trooper. Now called the Alpha Trooper CS-12, it's boasting Elite ranges and the Elite colour scheme and they've even replaced the name badge from the original "CS-18" to "CS-12". What's interesting is they've gone THAT far... but left the original N-Strike badge in the blaster's handgrip. Lazy fellas!

From an Australian view point, unless you import it, this one's PROBABLY going to be a miss if you're not a modder. They've replaced the 18 round drum with a 12 round clip (similar to the Retaliator one) and obviously it'll be detuned for Australian safety standards. My experience thus far is the 'detuning' of these blasters brings their performance to sub original N-Strike distances which I find REALLY disappointing. That being said, if you ARE a modder.. I guess things could get interesting given the plunger system..

Have a look at his post, there's internals pics as well:D

MyLastDart: 2013 Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper review (/w internals):


  1. Awesome! :) don't think I'll buy though, don't get me wrong, Alpha Trooper was my favorite until Elite came along, but already having a Trooper I don't know if I'll buy a new one just for better performances (nor would my parents be happy if I did).

  2. Mine broke so i am so eager to get one; is my fav n-strike and was my primary of choice. Now i rock my modded quick 16.

  3. so is this internally similar to the retaliator, like the original was with the recon?