Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Random: A Jolt wannabe that's kinda..pretty:D

Ahh Google. Doing a search for 'suction cap dart' somehow turned up this image of what clearly (hehe) looks like a Nerf Jolt clone, only for a rip off I actually quite like the way it looks. They've also changed the priming arm t-bar style of the Jolt to a Nitefinder style ring so it's not a COMPLETE copy. 

Apparently the kit comes with the blaster and an overkill of 10 darts. Which is probably why they're asking short of 10 bucks for one. Probably won't buy but do like to look:)

Plastic Pump Action Suction Cup Gun via Tiny Deal


  1. Hasbro really made a winner with that Jolt. I've seen clones, Clue-versions, the Elite colored one, they just love this little fella!

  2. I have these little fellas. Spotted them on eBay via Solscud007.

    They perform like the original Jolts, nothing fantastic.
    They do look good; the orange tip is superglued on.

    However, about the priming bar, it does resemble a nitefinder-style ring but the plastic is really thin, it' break if you apply a little extra force.

  3. That's some cool looking package design.
    Also, those suction tips look like they'll break in a second.