Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nerf Rebelle UK pricing

Toy News has published some more release information and UK pricing on the upcoming Nerf Rebelle line set to come out in their Autumn (so our Spring for Australians) - £19.99 for the Heartbreaker bow that will come with 5 arrows.

"It also features an accessory rail which provides for five-dart storage and allows girls to customise their blaster with fun add-ons."

More info and pics after the jump. Cheers Jason for the lead!

Looks like the names for the other blasters in the Nerf Rebelle range include a £24.99 Crossbow pictured above (which therefore sounds like it's the flagship product of the Rebelle release)  £9.99 for the 'Sneak Attack' mini blaster, £7.99 for the 'Pink Crush' Mini Crossbow.

Also listed are the Rebelle dart packs: £3.99 for 12 foam darts and £12.99 for an accessory bag which features a pouch for holding darts and comes with 10 darts.

Hasbro targets girls with Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow via Toy News

Me personally- the crossbow for the win. AND from the above video, apparently will have what she calls "multishot" mode but i'm assuming that's slamfire. Which I always love:D 

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