Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Skylanders: Trigger Happy's Dart Blaster

I admit I'm not really up to speed with what Skylanders is (other than a video game that was part of the Spyro the Dragon series and seems to have spawned a bootload of toys since) but I thought this "Trigger Happy's Dart Blaster" they've released does have visual cues from one certain iconic Nerf blaster... :) Cheers JB for the lead!

Trigger Happy's Dart Blaster | Mega Bloks®:


  1. Justin bieber? Or am I being stupid...

  2. any one see a way to prime it? it looks really ugly

  3. I've seen it at Kmart for $14.99. The upper rear portion of the gun pulls back, just like a Maverick, Strongarm, etc. The darts are hidden inside the packaging, so I can't see how they compare in size to Nerf darts.

    It's goofy-looking, but keep in mind that it's not meant for Nerf enthusiasts, but for the Skylanders addicts.

  4. I watched my little brother play Skylanders a few times, and I always thought that gun resembled a Maverick.

  5. Was that an Aussie KMart you saw it in? Oh how I want two of those.

  6. Concerning the "game that spawned a bootload of toys" line.
    You realise that skylanders requires that you buy those toys to place on a Near-Field sensor so that you can play the game as the character on your little toy.

    Either way, that blaster says to me, what if Nerf build the maverick in the Bioshock Infinite universe.
    Can't see it performing or modding very well lol.