Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nerf Mega Centurion: an in-depth vid on Youku

I'm not sure if it really the pinnacle of mad investigative reporting when all I'm doing is waiting on Baidu and posting stuff I see on daily, but hey, someone has to do it for the English speaking world I guess:P Thanks to all the emails and msgs about this, but here's a pretty neat vid on Youku from the guy who has the Nerf Mega Centurion (I'm gonna call him Chinese Tony Stark from here on!).

The vid is pretty comprehensive and even if you can't understand Mandarin, you'll still get the gist of what's going on:) Checkit after the jump:)

*Note: we've got a translation sent to us by our main man Black Ops. I've posted it after the vid. Thanks!



"today i want to show you this new mega centurion. the whole thing is very very big. The longshot has a blue color scheme, but this gun has a red color. This is a mega Centurion dart, it has two small holes at the top. This is also very big.the bullet is 20mm in diameter. the walls of the dart are too thin, and mabye will work better if i put something inside of it The front of it has an attached barrel. If you take a look here, Here you can see the connection point, here is the jam door, This is the slide, it is around 30 cm long. here is the logo N strike elite, and here you can see it says Mega. if you look at this bipod you can see that it attaches onto the rail. this gun has two rails, one here (under the barrel) and one here on top of the gun.the bipod has 3 different settings, fold front, fold back, and released downward. 

This is what it looks like folded up. underneath is the large mag. there is one release lever that you need to push in order to take it out. it is located in front of the trigger on the underside of the gun. the magazine has two catch points that you need to press the release down the whole time or it will not release. here you can see the front and back of the mag has rubber bumpers where it may hit the ground. it holds six darts. you cannot put the darts in from the top, they need to put in the side alright now lets shoot it. now i will shoot it at this target. okay ill put the camera down here.the sights are normal, and very easy to aim down. the trigger has two different pulls, one pull is shorter and you do not release the trigger all the way, the second trigger pull you release all the way and the bullet will fire. Okay, that was my review today. Thank you
  • Introduces gun, shows where the barrel begins.
  • 20mm diameter bullet
  • >30cm priming draw
  • Bullet wall is too thin. Deforms easily. He wonders if it'll perform better if he stuffs something into the bullet.
  • Bipod has 3 locking points. Fold forward, fold backwards, and deployed downwards.
  • Magazine has 2 catch points. You need to press the magazine release while pulling the magazine all the way out otherwise it'll catch halfway.
  • Magazine has soft bumpers at bottom corners where it might touch the ground.
  • You can't load the magazine easily by pressing the bullet downwards, so you'll have to slide the bullets in from the side.
  • You can load the magazine into the rifle without priming the rifle first.
  • Iron sights are plain. You can aim down sights quite easily.
  • Trigger pull has 2 stages. A bit of strength is needed to overcome the initial trigger resistance, after which you'll encounter the second point where the bullet fires.

    1. I hope they make the darts thicker on release!

    2. Let's hope 'Ironman' owns a screwdriver.

    3. Haha, and a bigger spring and 20mm brass...

    4. CORRECTION!!!!!
      I'm Chinese and the sights are HARD to aim down, very awkward and not easy. TRANSLATION ERROR!!!!!

    5. cool to see the 2 prime indicators, the bipod is boss and I wonder what the inside of the breech looks like, does it have a large dart peg?

    6. What strikes me about these Mega Centurion firing demos is that you can easily hear the air restrictor kicking in - you hear two distinct sounds every time it fires. So what I'm taking from this is that the gun can pack a lot more power than Nerf wants in the stock product. Also, 30 cm (12 in) draw is crazy and awesome (in terms of power)!

    7. is this a blackmarket stuff?

    8. Sadly the video has been removed.

    9. lol its funny because you said "even if you dont understand Mandarin.." Mandarin? Iron Man? Get it? :)