Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An exercise in collaboration: Urban Taggers + Nerf Mods + Reviews..

On their way  to the US of A.. they'll never be the same again:)
Whenever we review a blaster, it's only inevitable that we get comments regarding 'Can you open it up?' and 'what's the modding potential?' Sadly.. it's not something we do, which in turn evokes the response "Jerm from Nerf Mods + Reviews could do it". (For those who are uninformed, Nerf Mods + Reviews is considered to many as the best blog out there for serious performance mods)

Well.. funny you should say that, because you ask, we listen! We've done exactly that; we've stolen Pocket's two X-Shot blasters, chucked them into a box and have just shipped the Stealth and the Thundershot over to Nerf Mods headquarters on the other side of the globe to see just what Dr Frankenstein of the toy blaster world can really do to these interesting, if not underwhelming green blasters. X-Shots are a unique blaster in that they fire both foam dart AND water at the same time; their Stealth model is pretty impressive to be honest whereas the same cannot be said for the better looking, but poorer performing Thundershot.

60 bucks later in shipping (yup, postage is almost double the price of both of these blasters brand new!) and a brand new 9 dollar "extra checking fee" that all packages to the US are now hit with, and these two green and gold pieces are well on their way across the world. If all works out well and customs don't attribute them to being weapons of mass destruction (and really.. if you saw how they perform out of the box.. they're far from..) then they should make it there in the next 2 weeks.. watch this space:)


  1. Hmmm...I eagerly await seeing jerm enhance the performance on these, and perhaps once hes done with the insides, you guys could let me take care of the outsides before shipping them back to you. Just food for thought. Theyd look excelent with a little of my krylon/led wizardry.

    //Drac V''''V

  2. We're actually not expecting them to be shipped back, so between you and Jerm, go nuts:)

  3. i told you to send jerm them didnt i? check on your post about this gun.


  4. I can't wait. Thanks for the opportunity.

  5. Jerm just said he quit :(

  6. Obviously an April fool's joke :)