Friday, May 25, 2012

Deviant ART:HvZ Custom Pink NERF Rayven by ~MarcWF

Rayven- complete with orange tip. For outdoors safety :D
While I'm not a fan of baby pink, credit where credit is due- this is an understated, but really well done repaint of a Nerf N-Strike Rayven, complete with a little night light and very cute shoulder strap from Deviant ART dude MarcWF.

It almost looks like it should shoot bubbles:D

HVZ Custom pink NERF Rayven via Deviant ART


  1. Have you seen the Fluttershy Rayven on NM&R? Now that was a masterpiece. This is cool too of course :P

  2. Needs some lace.

  3. I want one for my girlfriend :P