Sunday, May 13, 2012

App Tag: Now available pre-order

We've been loyal followers of the App Tag project- and now it's come to fruition and available for preorder on the revamped site for $49.95 AUS. It's looking pretty sweet, and given we were contributors to the project early on, we should have 4 coming our way, so I am VERY much looking forward to giving them a decent test run sometime soon. Loving the way the blaster design has evolved, though the attachment WILL fit on any toy blaster really which is very cool.

Our man in the know Jon says:
"HEX3 have appointed Australian and many international distributors, so AppTag will be available in all major department stores soonish. We'll also have some killer apps available for Android and iOS when we launch, and I'm visiting E3 in June to show off AppTag."

Pre Order App Tag @


  1. OMG i am so going to get one! but if you buy the $50 pack then do i get just the one or is it a pack?

  2. So this fits on Nerf tactical rails? You can even have fun when you're out of ammo!

  3. This looks awesome! The Lazer Tag one looked cool too, but I don't have an Apple device(I like Android better), so this looks great!

  4. inb4 HEX3 lawyers

  5. well, i think that i would use the hasbro lazer tag, but only for about 5 reasons:
    1.) I own the older Lazer Tag products
    2.) I recieved an iPhone recently
    3.) It's from the US and i can buy it at my local Target
    4.) I dont have any Nerf blasteres, and i dont like the shape of the trigger/handle
    5.) I HATE SHIPPING!!!!!

    but it looks like a nice concept, and blaster so let's see how this plays out