Saturday, June 18, 2011

Big W Toy Sale: That's some serious kit.. (AUS)

A mid year toy sale definitely worth mentioning for Aussies; as spotted in the Big W catalogue, for the upcoming sale is some seriously good prices for toy blasters, and even better, some new stuff yet to be seen in Australia till now.

Firstly, the cheapest prices I've seen for Stampedes at 48.87 and Longshots for 34.83, new 100 pack darts for under 20 bucks and Barricades, Recons and Deploys for 23.66.  Finally we see the release of the tactical vest in Australia for under 25 bucks..but check out the new Whiteout series Nitefinder, AND it's under 8 dollars! They're also sporting a clear Vulcan for 50 bucks.

Finally we've got the new Max Force gear- 68.84 is the cheapest you'll see a Shadow Hawk, Maximizer for under 30 bucks is a bargain and that's the first time I've seen a Max Force ammo belt..

Props to OzNerf and the boys from the Canberra + Southern NSW Dart Tag crew for the heads up:)


  1. hey so when is this sale? and will it be in brisbane?

  2. Yay tactical vest in aus yay i hope white out out on sunday

  3. When does the sale start and which Big W in Canberra has the most stock?

    I also noticed ToyRUs have the vulcan for $49 in their current catalog (Belco had stock when I checked on Friday).

  4. There is a whiteout nerf nitefinder under the nerf tactical vest for 7.64

  5. ^
    That's what he said in the post already.

    " check out the new Whiteout series Nitefinder, AND it's under 8 dollars!"

    Don't you read?


  7. Yeah, can't wait till next month for the sale to start. I know big w at North Ryde (NSW) got loads and loads of Nerf guns... specially recon, deploy, longshot, stampede.

  8. I had a look in Big W Civic today and checked some prices.

    As far as I can tell, the 'sale' has not started yet. However the vest is currently at the sale price and the boxes of 100 darts are also at the 'sale' price. I didn't check the other stuff, but they are a bit low on stock.

    Anyway perhaps these 'sale' prices are all in effect at all Big W stores?

  9. So the Kmart website has a catalog that lists the Vulcan for $39 among other things.

    I'm still trying to find a date for this sale/catalog.

  10. Kmarts sale starts on the same day for those who cant get to a Big W
    Vulcans for $39
    Raiders for $39
    Barricade with yellow 'Raider' stock for $25
    Two pack of Mavericks with 24 sonic micro darts for $18
    Stampede for $49
    100 dart ammo box for $25
    Super Soaker Hydro Cannon for $39

  11. When is the Whiteout Nite Finder going to come out in Victoria, Australia?

  12. I got the white nite finder and tac jacket at Big W