Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Max Force Blaster Manuals

The Max Force Shadowhawk manual
We got our hands on some scans of the official manuals of the new Jakks Pacific Max Force blasters. They do a pretty good job with their art departments; packaging looks sweet and the artwork of their manuals are pretty schmick. Reports so far are these blasters definitely hit their distances, if not sometimes prone to misfires (mainly due to lacking in soaking the pellets first). More manuals after the jump.

Max Force Blowgun manual

Max Force Maximizer manual. 

Max Force Terrornator manual


  1. My goodness... the instructions on how to prep ammo and clear ammo jams looks rather tedious.

    Wonder if they will also be selling spare clips and actually supporting the model range for more than a season, 'cos if the blasters only come with one clip its gonna hit the bargain bin real quick. :p

  2. The most important thing is making sure you soak the ammo long enough. As long as you do that it doesn't misfire. They've got to be pretty wet for them to shoot.

  3. "Graduate from Foam", hmmm? And exactly how long have you been around? I don't see a single trigger here, nor any form of battery-powered automatic. I wonder what Vortex will have to say about this... ;p

  4. Anyone spotted a terrornator in Australia yet?

  5. Just wondering, if the ammo needs to be soaked long enough to be effective, what happens when they gradually dry out during a game? Have to re-soak again?

    So players have to bring a bottle of water to keep the ammo soaked in between game rounds?

  6. On the Shadowhawk manual, did I see a bolt action reload?