Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Arsenal Toys"- not just a Nerf knock off

This Machine Pistol takes it's cues from the Barricade- and then.. mashes them up:)
I stumbled across this interesting (albeit rather ugly) line of blasters while taking Jerm from Nerf Mods + Reviews's lead and had a browse on the internet for some alternative toy blasters perhaps not seen in the western world:) Now, it's pretty common to see a knock of Nitefinder or Maverick, but I have to admit these pieces from "Arsenal Toys" were unique enough to catch my eye. 

They seem to be using originally designed shells and a more innovative thought process in the design than the standard knock off. Have a look at the images after the jump.

Darts load from the top?!!
This Machine Pistol at first appears to be similar to the Barricade, but it's interesting how the designers have taken feedback from the Barricade and put it into their version; mainly the blaster's flywheels are activated on a half pull on the trigger for a few seconds and then a full squeeze to fire the dart.

Instructions for the Machine Pistol
This is the Mortar Pistol- which is a six shooting revolving barrel blaster. It's like a hybrid of a Nitefinder and a Maverick?
Looks rather oversized.

This 'Mortar Pistol' shoots some rather oversized projectiles, when a foam dart is just not enough:P Have a look at the size of the cocking mechanism (hehe)
The ammo. Just a tad phallic admittedly..
This 'Advance Pistol' reminds me of something from Buzzbee- other than the rather large handle on the cocking mechanism:)

This "Power Rifle" is the bolt action blaster you have don't have a bolt and would prefer pulling on a ring instead;P Again, interesting design choices but again only 6 shots.

This "Impulsive Armer" is very left field- it reminds me of the Spiderman/Venom dart tag blasters, or something out of Iron Man in the way it straps to the user's forearm. What's interesting (and I can't read chinese m'fraid to confirm it) is it seems to have both a manual cocking mechanism and some sort of automatic firing capability (due to it requiring batteries)

All those kids who always begged for a grenade launcher attachment?:) The "Mortar and Rifle" gives you the Power rifle with a Mortar single shot attachment. It ain't pretty.. but (foam) war.. ain't. :P

Sure, the quality isn't nearly as polished as Nerf but they are considerably cheaper (88 Yuan is around 12 bucks AUS) but what I like to see is it's good to see a different play on toy blaster ideas that aren't just obvious Nerf rip offs:)


  1. I kinda want the mortar pistol.

  2. I actually found something with a similar attachment to the last one while thrifting the other day. The price tag was messed up from its horrible placement though, so they wouldn't let me buy it so I could investigate why it wasn't working. As far as I can tell that whole orange front part on that top dealy is an air tank.

  3. Terrible names and designs. The idea is there but not a very good product.

    I can read Chinese but I'm not very good at it. But if you could zoom in on the words maybe I can confirm it.

    -Spartan IV

  4. Horrible looking, but at least they're trying to be different. I'd love to get that Mortar & Rifle just for fun.

  5. I actually think if NERF bought the ideas of them (which it wouldn't be expensive)they could re-make the looks to a more NERF feel and make the bullets and stuff more NERFy too, then NERF could launch out a new series, because if NERF actually did that so much people would love it, the whole grenade launcher attachment and the mortar pistol with it's unique bullets.

    - Rocket

  6. Hell, imagine making the Mortar pistol fire darts :D