Monday, June 13, 2011

SGNerf: Singapore Nerf Dart Tag Tournament 2011

One of our favourite Nerf blogs, SGNerf have covered the Singapore Nerf Dart Tag Tournament over this weekend; it's nice to see all the new Dart Tag range in action. I really think it's a shame they haven't elected to do this in Australia (although admittedly by the rules I'm too old to play anyway!) as i'm sure it'd be quite popular.

Check out more pics on their blog.

I was especially liking these promo images of the new Vortex line:

Singapore Nerf Dart Tag Tournament 2011 - Event Overview via SGNerf
Official Dart Tag National Tournament Singapore page


  1. That one kid is like trying to fake them out by moving his speedload up and down by his crotch :P It's too distracting and a little perverted lol

  2. LOL, gotta love the commentor's Sienglish accent. Where's the "lah"?