Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gear Up Raider CS-35 images: up close and personal PIC SPAM

We've been lucky to get some pretty nice up close and personal pics of the upcoming Nerf N-Strike Gear Up colour scheme Raider CS-35. It's a nice looking piece of kit- the orange is the same colour as the standard streamline ammo clips and with the black stripe and light grey accents, the Raider admittedly does look very schmick indeed. 

Personally, this is the only blaster in the Gear Up line I'm interested in. More pics after the jump.

The Gear Up Raider CS 35
The Raider 35 round drum
The grip- orange and black
Black markings on orange make for a mad looking scheme
The Raider's stock+drum- Orange looks gooooooood.
The gear up orange is the same colour as the standard clip

Gear up streamlines. Sweet!


  1. Are all of the darts in the Gear Up colors? Or just some of them?

  2. Its a good looking Raider for sure. But I want to buy another Barricade, so I'm waiting patiently (not really) for the Gear Up Barricades to be released. I had two Barricades before, but I smashed the handle of one into some concrete accidentally during a war and it hasn't worked right since.

    Any idea when the Gear Up line will actually be available for sale? I know its for "gearing up" for the 9-10-2011 thing, but if you're gearing up for it, doesn't that mean it comes out before 9-10-2011? If so, how soon before? Does Nerf know my purchases are pretty much on hold until the Gear Up / White Out comes out?

    Finally, what's the reason for having half the darts striped and the other half plain? They should all be the striped ones in a Gear Up box, especially if they are going to be sold for any kind of a premium price.

  3. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! U spell color the british way.... yes 2 all the peeps who r going 2 respond 2 this comment............................................................................................ I KNOW HE'S AUSTRAILIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (but i still think it's funny)

  4. From what I can gather, Only some of the darts are 'geared up' with the black stripes and black tips. Not sure WHY this is.

  5. Perhaps it is too expensive for Nerf to mass-produce black tips and painted dart bodies for a design that will presumably only be used once. The way I see it, they only have a few per package for same reason the Bugatti Veyron doesn't have built-in navigation - price efficiency. :)

  6. I beleive you mean we spell colour the correct way, thats how the people who invented the language say it

  7. Yeah well do you say Australiah or Australier? 'Cause its spelled Australia, there's no "r" at the end. Something I bring up any time a Brit brings up unnecessary "u"s as being correct. :)

  8. Who gives a shit how you spell color. I like its farbe.