Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Light Strike: it's coming..

We had a look at the latest Target catalogue for their upcoming toy sale at the end of July and we're pretty excited about one thing; the release of Wow Wee's laser tag line Light Strike in Australia. Although the prices are a tad on the exi side, they're not really any surprise to us and it's good that the attachments are also coming out too that were showcased in the promo material.

Since the first press releases and promo vids, we've had mixed feelings about Light Strike- on one hand we're hell keen on them, mainly because it's good to finally see higher end home laser tag finally making it back to our toy store shelves (the Hasbro/Tiger Electronics Lazer Tag Team Ops and Phoenix LTX's officially never made it to Australia and Laser Challenge just never made it off the ground) but on the other hand the jury's still out on whether this new system will be any good compared to our trusty (imported) LTX's.

Light Strike boasts many features that they claim are "firsts" (some of them aren't entirely accurate, such as health meters) and they've definitely put in a lot of work in their design as far as functionality is concerned, so we're looking forward to picking up a few in a few weeks time and really giving them a solid workout.

As Nirvana says: "when the light's out, it's less dangerous, here we are now, entertain us" :P


  1. *shines torch on some guy* Hey that works! XD

  2. I am excited for this line. I hope it does well, it has some potential.