Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rumours: Super Soaker Electrostorm

Another TBA Super Soaker; the Super Soaker Electrostorm appears to be another battery powered blaster, but sans removable clip. I don't know a whole lot about it just yet other than some posts from some German sites, but I'll be guessing it'll be of similar performance to the Thunderstorm.

I do have to say, while the performances are pretty ordinary, new Super Soakers do look pretty damn cool. I can see how they'd be uber popular with the aesthetic modders..

More as I learn it. Or get a hold of one. Whichever comes first:D


  1. I like the new lightnings logos and thst blue is nice too.NERF is going to make some new cool guns!

  2. electric storm... Electricity+Water... bad name of Hasbro's part if i do say so my self. Same goes for the lightning storm.

  3. The Electrostorm is so tiny, it's adorable. o-o. ~Rologam.

  4. New Super Soakers look awesome but are completely useless at anything unless you are a steampunk roleplayer.