Tuesday, November 1, 2011

YouTube: Bombs Away "Super Soaker" music clip.. ALL about Super Soakers..?!

Sooo... this track from Australian dance group Bombs Away is entitled "Super Soaker"; the lyrics are about using Super Soakers, and they've obviously actually USING Super Soakers in the clip (albeit the current generation ones that are available in  Australian Toys R Us' stores) But somehow.. me thinks this vid is not actually focusing on Super Soakers per se... (this clip btw shows NO nudity though but sensitive eyes who don't like skin might.. just move on)


  1. It's too bad the song is absolutely awful.

  2. They managed to distill a music video down to the bare essentials. No extra words and non-stop hot chicks.

  3. Hot chicks, bad music. That's how most stuff is these days.