Friday, November 25, 2011

Super Soaker Electrostorm- mini motorised fun

The Super Soaker Electrostorm is a new battery powered motorised water blaster with an inbuilt water tank. It's compact- some would even say tiny though in turn it's also very solid and nuggety. Maintaining the same paint job and finish as all of the new Super Soaker line, it looks like a decent lil' side arm that is a likely successor to last season's Super Soaker Point Break... but as another motorised water blaster, how well does it really perform?

Designwise, the Electrostorm is a great looking blaster. Although small, it feels fantastic in the hand with it's compact yet solid form and it looks both futuristic yet still paying homage to current day firearms. I've always been impressed with the design fellas of the new Super Soaker line and the Electrostorm is no different- I'm a fan of the blue,white and orange colour schemes but also believe it'd be just look awesome with some aesthetic mod style paint jobs to make it look just that lil bit tougher,

The Electrostorm takes 4 AA batteries which is pretty hefty for it's size. The batteries slide into the back of the blaster.

It may be a motorised blaster, but unlike the Thunder/Lightning Storms the Electrostorm has a built in "clip" to store the water. The screw top lid is located at the front of the blaster. It's an ok capacity for its size, but nothing huge to write home about.

The Electrostorm also uses a different sounding motorised mechanism; whereas the Thunder/Lightning Storm blasters sound like an excitable horse on squeezing the trigger, the Electrostorm sounds more like a monotone consistent buzz, just the way an electric pump sounds. Obviously I'd have to know what the hell I was doing to be able to accurately say they were different, but it does sound like it's using a different mechanism for firing.

Performances are ok for what it is, but nothing that exciting. Firing is simply a matter of squeezing the trigger, and what I do like about it is firing is almost instant; there's no lag for the motors to start sucking water from the reservoir like there is with the Thunder/Lightning Storms. This also means it does do well for single fire/quick shots like a traditional water pistol, or you can keep the trigger squeezed for a continuous stream. Distances are around that 7-9 metre mark which is ok but nothing awesome.

Against the Thunderstorm
We keep going on about the styling of the new Super Soakers, and it's because of the way they look and feel that makes us a fan. I love holding it in my hand and it gives you that mad roleplay feeling as the Electrostorm just looks so tough and nuggety.

From the perspective of it being a good water blaster though; there's just something about these motorised blasters that I can't get into. Perhaps it's the lack of any real tactical feedback or the very simple point and shoot with no pumping or adjusting, but they're just boring to use.  The whole hold and squeeze thing is really very disatisfying and if I wanted to do that I'd use a garden hose; which would have more power and range than any of the current Super Soaker line (let alone these motorised blasters). Compared to the likes of the Saturator line of water blasters, they're just lacking something, and while I KNOW there's a feeling that "that's what kids want", I just think it'd be better off digging up the ol' CPS patents and working with those rather than these battery powered blasters.

Still, it looks cool, does the job, and so long as it's cheapish, I wouldn't say no to buying more in the future:)


  1. I have to agree, today's supersoakers are so terribly weak! I wish Nerf would put more effort in to the actual performance of them. Though, the different sounding pump motor has me intrigued, I wonder if it will produce better results after being volted.. And if it does, I'm shoving the pump motor in to a lightning storm!

  2. I didn't see any, but does this have a tactical rail?

  3. They aren't really creative with the names...

  4. Hehe, nuggety.

    Should've been named the Electrodrizzle based on performance.

  5. Called the electrostorm, because that is exactly what you are going to feel when the water leaks into the battery housing.

  6. New names, new styles, same piece of crap! You can soak someone more and faster with a small water bottle than with this junk.

  7. Dual wielding time!
    This thing looks like a capable sidearm, and apparently less annoying. I'm not as excited about the range, but 21 feet isn't half bad... with a mattery mod, this might be interesting. And also hooking up the resivoir to a wrist-mounted holster/tank combo is something to think about....

  8. With a Buzz Bee Water Warriors Goblin, which is around the same size, I can take on about 20 of these motorized blasters and succeed. I love Nerf, but seriously, Buzz Bee is about 10 times better when it comes to water blasters.

  9. Ok, so one big question which has been around since comment one. The mechanism is WAY different from the other electromagiggitz. It's like a pneumatic or hydraulic gear pump, mounted in line with the battery compartment with the whole thing soaked in resin to prevent shock. Pretty dang solid, but you'd have to put in a BIG battery and drill a bigger hole to improve the range and soak rate. With 1/4" gears, it just isn't going to happen easily.