Friday, November 11, 2011

Orange Mod Works: Immortal Longshot Massacre Kit available for preorder

Whoo hoo! The much anticipated Orange Mod Works Longshot Massacre "Immortal" Kit is now available for preorder. The kit comes in a collector's tin box, of which only a limited quantity is available. This one's pretty limited folks, so once it sells out, it will be never made available again.

Included in this kit are the following parts:
- Trigger catch
- 2x Strength trigger catch spring
- High performance main spring (Exactly compression TBD)
- Bolt Sled
- Bolt Sled Pin
- Plunger Rod
- Plunger Face
- Plunger Tube
- Plunger Assembly Retention Cap
- Breech
- O-ring
- Metal Trigger
- 10g Silicone Grease

Also, to celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime date 11/11/11 they're running an 11% sale! Use the code "111111" to get 11% off your entire purchase.

Also, just for funsies- get an additional $1.11 off of the Raider stage 1 kit. Use code "111111raider".

Orange Mod Works


  1. Sexy. I can only imagine what an angel breeched OMW Longshot could do, although I'm not sure if the new parts would complicate the already complicated process, especially since there aren't any pictures yet.

    Sixty bucks is way too steep for me though. I don't doubt it costs that much to make such precise parts (and not really in huge volumes either, I'd imagine), but still too rich for my blood. A Longshot in the US now could probably run you about fifty bucks if you get it off of ebay. 110 USD for a single blaster is a bit steep, although I know there are people in the NIC commissioning homemades and customs for even more than that.

  2. Hasbro needs to start making longshots available again in the US!!!

  3. At that price I think I'd rather self-mod my Longshot (AR removal, brass breech, spring addition, etc)

    If I shatter the internals or screw up maybe then I'd consider getting an OMW kit

  4. imho, the only 2 items in the OMW LS kit that are actually useful are the replacement main spring and the bolt sled. as with their other kits everything else is just unnecessary parts just made for the sake of making them.

  5. To the person above, the other parts are so the blaster can handle the power

  6. I know this is totally off topic, but has anyone in Australia seen the XLR disc refill packs in stores yet? Y'Know since it's been TWO MONTHS since Vortex came out, officially:(

  7. Immortal kits should be for every gun

  8. Bit too expensive for my taste. And since a specific size of spring isn't necessary for modding, then the only reason to get this would be if you'd already destroyed the bolt sled or some other part.

  9. In my case Im actually in dire neee of the OMW kit. Ive had pretty much every piece except the breech and the boltslee break in some manner at least once: even the plunger tube cracked open like crazy only using a BTv2 spring.

    The price is high, but considering Im a big spender on Nerf being my main hobby. I dont get much time to sit down and do high level mods like angel breeches, even if it costs less, I need something like this kit for sheer durability and to build upon.

    I'm stoked for this kit to come out :p

  10. wtf 60$???? f that. I cant even find a Longshot in stores

  11. if its performance is 60m then mabye.

    THey said they would do 3 longshot kids.. one for range one for ROF and one for acuracy... i hope they don't mean "building on each other" because that could get expiensive.

    i assume this kit will be the ROF one..???

  12. Pretty useless kit. I can and I've seen members of my Nerf Group modified their Longshots to shoot 60metres for $40.

    This is just for those who are too lazy. Either way, your'e going to have to invest a little bit more money so that your blaster can improve.

    OMW springs are pretty average anyway. Since every other well-known Nerfer on youtube / online promote it, it becomes such a big hype even though I can do everything the same, and for half the cost. We have Aussie guys trying to sell similar springs, why promote the US economy, when we can help the Aussie Guy out. No offense on the US btw.

    Not to mention that we had three of our Nerfers have broken aluminium plunger kits after a few shots, I've lost my respect for their products.

    - littlebro05

  13. Oh yeah also it reminds me that, if you purchase the LongShot Kit. That's not maxing it out because you don't have a brass breech! So you're paying $100 on your longshot, when you can get the job done for $40 =).

    - littlebro05