Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tactical Tag: New Lazer Tag: Update!

What a LTTO prototype looked like:)
A short while ago we touched on the development of an exciting upcoming laser tag line from the original developers of the Lazer Tag LTTO and Phoenix LTX systems. Bazookafied from Tactical Tag has been keeping up to date with the progress of the new system and has the latest intel on the blog, but essentially the new system will be fully compatible with LTTO and LTX, including LTTO-style LTAG, LTX-style TTAG (Team-1/2/3 LTAG), and hosted games.

There will be several new game features exclusive to the new taggers such as being able to have one or more players start the game with no ammo, requiring players to find a power-up to be able to get lock-on information and the ability to have unlimited-time hosted games. More info below.

Tactical Tag: New Lazer Tag: Update!:

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