Monday, November 7, 2011

N-Force: Vendetta Double Sword

N-Force doesn't have much of a presence in Australia, which is a shame because there is fair amount of cool stuff available States side. We picked up the Vendetta double sword pack which comes with two "blades" that can be used by themselves, or connected at the hilt to form a 4 foot double edged staff.  The foam is thicker/denser than the rather woeful Shadow/Thunder Fury swords we originally picked up; and while lightweight, it does have a decent weight to it.  

Of course.. there's not a whole lot one can really say about a foam sword, so just a whole bunch of pics after the jump:) 

The packaging. More packaging than N-Force normally has.
Back of the Box
The two blades
Close up of the two sword hilts. The "female" is a lot easier to grip
The swords detail

The male hilt
Female hilt.
The two swords connected. Slide in, and twist to securely fasten
In hand
The Vendette double sword connected


  1. might get one for myself

  2. A friend of mine has one, they are great. You can even throw it like a Javelin.

  3. "The two swords connected. Slide in, and twist to securely fasten"
    That's what she sa...never mind.

  4. where u geddum? they were out ages ago but where?

  5. Yeah I would like to find a good place to get some nerf swords from!

    Australia STILL does not have the new Dart tag stuff. I had to go to Singapore to get my Swarmfire!

    I didn't see ANY nerf swords there though :(

  6. if u want them in a store in oz then i don't know, but i found a website that has both the N-Force line and the new dart tag products. the address is

    the vendetta and the marauder are currently sold out, but new stock usually comes in pretty fast.