Monday, October 31, 2011

More on Orange Modworks Pre-Order

More info on the Orange Mod Works Massacre kit pre-order:

The preorder discount of $4US per Massacre kit has been extended until the end of next week - 11:59 PM CST on November 6th. You can find the discount code on each kit's product page.

Remember that all preordered Massacre kits (except the Recon) will include a free metal trigger! Check out the full product line here

Also, if you purchased a stage 1 kit from us and would like to preorder standalone polycarbonate stage 2 parts, they are available for $17.99US each (including a $2US preorder discount per kit).

You'll only be able to order standalone stage 2 polycarbonate kits until November 30th.

Lastly, they're now running a limited time Halloween promotion on springs. Buy a pack of 3 springs (either 5+ kg or 6+ kg), and get the following items for free:

- 10 gram tube of Silicone Grease
- Pack of 2x O-Rings
- Pack of 2x Trigger Catch Springs

 This deal can be pulled any time without notice, so stock up on their high quality springs.

Orange Mod Works

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  1. i hope there longshot parts do some thing special. With flywheel guns hitting "okey" spray at 30m longshots are going to have to be able to hit 40m acurate to stay in the game.

    There PR statment of 3 diferent longshot kids of range acuracy and ROF... would mean the only diferences would be 3 diferent sprint streanths? ... but then the "acuracy one seems susspect" ..

    I hope its a good kit as i think its time to say goodbye to plunger blasters with a bang! hopfully at 60m flat ;P

    With flywheels theres alot of growth i expect the next thing will be making a flywheel gun that actualy spins the dart as its fired like a bullet shell?... and perhaps nerf introducing a solid slightly shorter nerf.. or mabye shrinking the size of XLR