Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nerf Shoot-to-snooze alarm clock

Shooting your alarm clock isn't a new idea; there have been novelty alarm clocks around for a while that can do this.. but not one from Nerf:D A cube shaped alarm clock that comes with sensors in a cross hair design on the side and top of the device; looks like if you want to sleep in, just see how well your aim is when you're half asleep and make sure you don't shoot your significant other, child or cat in the process:D

Blasters or darts aren't included, but it's a novel idea. Due out in September apparently for around 24 bucks :)

Nerf Shoot to Snooze Alarm Clock - via  Gadget Grotto


  1. I always sleep with a Jolt under my pillow, just incase.

  2. The idea sure is cool, but what's the point of having the sensors on one side and the time display on the other?

    Do I have to choose whether I want to see the time or whether I want to shoot it?

    And that clock has to be either ridiculously large (so you can see the time^^) or close by the bed, which in turn would make shooting it ridiculous by itself;)

    Not convinced, just one of those fun gadgets which in reality turn out to be quite unuseful...

    If it was a clock to hang on a wall with a decent size OK...

  3. Pretty cool but you'd think they'd include at least a jolt and a couple of whistlers.

  4. Couldn't you just flick the side or smack it with your hand? Easy way to get back to sleep.

  5. This probably is a dumb question, but I wonder if this works with Vortex guns, I'm hoping to use a Pyragon on this, lol

  6. Anyone know if and when this will be released in Australia?