Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Spiderman Laser Tag?

I spotted these at my local Toys R Us for 99 bucks, and while I don't quite get what's the relationship between Spiderman and.. laser tag guns, hey whatever works:) 

From "IMC Toys" is this "Mega Laser Set" which comes with two blasters and two vests that are molded to look like Spiderman's chest. They are a tad small but it might be the easiest way to get your 8yo abs:D I don't think it's worth me picking them up to test them out giving there's no way in hell the vest is going to fit my..thigh, but the idea's interesting:)

A genuine action game for 2 players with two laser guns and two adjustable chest-armour plates. Show your skill and try to beat your opponent! Get ready! Aim and…fire! Try to shoot your rival with your spiderman laser gun.The gun shoots an invisible infra-red ray, and registers up to 6 impacts with sound and light effects. Long range infrared.

Amazing Spiderman Mega Laser Set via Toys R Us

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