Friday, August 3, 2012

SG Nerf: Hasbro Singapore Nerf comp- reveals cool Elite kit

Spotted on SGNerf- Hasbro Singapore is having an official video competition for fans to submit their own Nerf vids. Competition is alas only for residents of Singapore, so we'd be all outa luck there, but what's interesting is on the official advert, have a lok at the rather excitable fellas packing their N-Strike Elite kit and tell me that doesn't make you go a little "ooh ooh" :D Man, I wish they brought out the Rampage with the shield...

Thanks Quang for the heads up.

SG Nerf: Hasbro Singapore Nerf Wars Official Video Competition!:


  1. I spot a Strong Arm and Elite NF thingy/

    1. Ya, the elite NF thing is the Elite Firestrike...

      You can see it on the side of the rampage box.
      It says it is coming out in 2013.

      Not sure if anyone over here at UT noticed it yet...

      Looks interesting!

  2. Yeah Strong Arm and the re done nitefinder called the Firestrike apparently

  3. Hurry up and bring on the Strongarm I say! Sounds and looks absolutely boss! :D

  4. Rampage with shield????

  5. The shield was part of the pre-production release... must have been made by Hasbro/Nerf when the line was still in production. Also they got a make a video contest here state side. Not for the Elite line, but over all Nerf.

  6. I wonder if there is going to be a special pack for the rampage which has the shield?

  7. Strongarm changes chambers when primed, you can tell because the dart shown is lined up to the barrel, and if it was by the trigger pull it wouldn't be.

    So it's basically a Spectre in the shelling of a Maverick, awesome!

    Firestrike has dart holders /and/ the light again, which is great news.

    ..What's up with that shield though? Maybe they're releasing the shield to Non-US countries to make up for the ranges, like with the whole Stockade mess?

  8. I definitely want the Raider, Stockade, Strongarm, and Firestrike. The Hailfire isn't my style. Can't wait for Christmas :D

  9. Hailfire is on the target website and target stores in us now